Wasteland Campaign

Abominations Abound: The 8th Wave

Bit of a Plot Dump

Wednesday Group 02/01/2017
In game date: 1/22

The group is slowly becoming irritated and grumpy from the stress of the many waves of the Blue King. Suddenly, they see a small little octopus waving a white flag. Suspicious, but curious, Kreg goes to retrieve the octopus. Writing words in the sand, Kreg learns that the octopus is, in fact, Garth, his former comrade.

Garth explains, that he was captured by the Blue Priestess after his teleportation spell went awry. Forced to work for the Blue King or suffer insanity or death, he decided to work as a double agent. He managed to find some cultists that were resisting the Blue King’s influence and so, he tried to help them recover and raise them up as an army to help the Saviors. Unfortunately, the Blue Priestess learned of this and stripped him of his power and polymorphed him into an octopus. Further, she had cobbled the hundreds of people he tried to help into four abominations.

Garth thus comes to the Saviors with a plea and an offer. He asks that they trap the abominations non-lethally and transport them away from the battle. In exchange, Garth will read the pages, knowing that they will damage his mind permanently. He gives them a wand of Greater Teleport in order to retrieve Orin and to get the abominations to a safe distance from Cuthbert’s Hammer. He believes that once the Blue King is dead, the effect on the abominations will dissipate.

The group then forms a plan to use illusions and mind control to get the abominations into a magic box, which Garth also provides. The plan goes surprisingly smoothly, and Kreg uses a potion that allows him to store the cube inside his own body. Garth, in the meantime, helps Silver Owl with the positioning of the controls for Cuthbert’s Hammer.

The mist begins to swirl once more as the 9th wave approaches.



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