Wasteland Campaign

Hitting the Halfway Point

Wednesday Group 01/04/2017
In game date: 1/22

Off in the distance, they hear The booming voice of Morael. He rallies his troops to take down the Saviors. They hear talking between the troops about the party’s weaknesses. The Guardians of Lore have shown up! But one of them immediately falls asleep and another one begins vomiting in his helmet. A small dot appears near the troops’ heads and explodes in a blast of fire. A giant robot appears from the mist and begins firing its gatling guns, hitting Meera and Silver Owl.

Grimsbone, blessed by Ashava’s grace, swings a mighty blow at the robot’s legs. A summoned tyrannosaurus finishes the job on the suit. Another suit pops out and is promptly destroyed. A fireball roasts some newcomers to the party. The t-rex picks up the suit with Morael in it and shakes it wildly. Morael bursts out as a metal-covered skeleton and laughs at his former servants. He teleports away as the Guardians of Lore slump their shoulders. Gullycloak attempts to follow him and shows up in a facility filled with hundreds of Guardians of Lore.

Back at the tower, Orin manages to convince one Guardian to join their side after some intimidation and diplomacy. The Guardian teaches Kreg how to take apart the other Guardian’s armor.

Sensing that their group was running low on resources, they light the magical incense and begin to prepare for the next wave.



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