Wasteland Campaign

Ocean's Seven

Wednesday Group 01/18/2017
In game date: 1/22

Ziggy warns them of constructs from the abyss that are coming.

Crazy Metal Spiders (CMS) show up, shooting rays out of their eyes. Sanura fires some shockstones; Grimsbone, Iona, and Dale get up close and personal; Kipp and Meera summon creatures and Ziggy summons a doppelganger that wags his penis around. The spiders rush into the blade barrier and find themselves struggling under a reversal of gravity. A bunch are blended and eaten by puddings. Orin’s body slumps over as his spirit takes over one of the creatures in time to expose its weak point to Iona’s axe.

Kipp pushes Orin’s body off the tower, assuming him dead. Kreg, in an amazing act of athleticism, manages to catch Orin’s body before he splats into the ground. Kreg hides Orin’s body under a pile of corpses. After the battle is over, Gullycloak takes Orin’s body back to his church via teleportation, presuming him dead.

Once he returns, Kreg and Orin (through possessing other people’s bodies) attempt to convince Gullycloak that Orin is still around, but he used a spell to leave his body and possess other people. Gullycloak is skeptical, but takes the stone and leaves it with Orin’s body. Orin eventually shifts back into his body, but Gullycloak has already returned to the battle.

Stranded, Orin has to find a way back to the battle. Meanwhile, the group patches themselves up for the 8th wave.



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