Aeowel III

Elf King (Age of Dragons)


Elf King who has first human-elf alliance.


81 BR-Phirenzes attempts to intimidate the leaders of the rebellion into submission by attacking several small townships loyal to the rebellion. Hoagen tries to skirmish with the dragons, and can see instantly he is hopelessly outmatched. He sends petitions out to try to find allies among the other kingdoms of the realm. WThe elves, led by Aeowel III, see this as the dragons showing their true colors and asserting dominion as their chromatic counterparts did centuries ago, and the first human-elven alliance is born. While they provide little in terms of troop support, they send several powerful wizards to train humanity in the magical arts, leading to humanity learning magic for the first time and being able to craft its own magic weapons. This aid levels the playing field, and Hoagens armies are able to push back several dragon attacks for the first time in the rebellion.

Aeowel III

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