Garth Algar

Summoner, Magic Craftsman, Linguist


Tall, lanky, awkward man with glasses and wheat-colored long, frizzy hair. His unassuming clothes and behavior hide a mystic understanding and charisma that shows itself when necessary. Accompanied by his friend, Wayne, who looks for all the world like an unassuming black housecat.


Garth started life in a town called Jokeshin, where a small cabal of magic users noticed Garth’s startling potential for forging partnerships with monsters at a young age. They brought him into their fold and trained him to use his abilities to their full potential. During his training, he befriended a young bard named Wayne who dreamed of putting on a concert he would dub Waynestock.

Unfortunately, during his training, Wayne convinced him to summon some creatures Garth wasn’t fully able to control and the creatures killed Wayne before Garth could dismiss them. As Wayne died, he reassured Garth that it wasn’t his fault. Garth decided that he had to double down on his training so that such a thing would never happen again. His hard work paid off and he forged a pact with his eidolon, who seemed to treat him as an old friend. Garth knew the perfect name for his partner, and named him after his fallen friend as a constant reminder to stay vigilant.

Eventually, the council decided Garth was ready to graduate and told Garth to bring back the most powerful magic item he could find as proof of his mastery and then he could join the council. Garth’s journey eventually brought him to Silotown, where the group’s exploits convinced him that this was the best way to complete his task.

He eventually began making magic items of his own and began doing research into the history of the wastes, coming across stories of Leaching and Princess RIhann’s artifacts. Knowing this would surely impress the council, he stayed with the group to do more research in his free time during their adventures.

During a skirmish with one of the Blue King’s minions, Garth bought time for everyone to escape and teleported away at the last second as the group made their escape. He is currently missing and has sent no word of his whereabouts to the group.

Garth Algar

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