Haunted Oracle of the Dark Tapestry


An aasimar of emerald hair and eyes. A quiet man, clearly more interested in the stars and what is beyond them compared to the small matters of the world surrounding him. His most distinguishing feature is the robe he wears, covered in cartoonish looking eyes. Or at least that is what people see when their minds have not been enlightened like Orin’s has. To those precious few who can see the truth, his robe seems to be part of his body, covered in grotesque growths and bloodshot eyeballs. As a result, he seems to be aware of everything surrounding him at all times, even in the darkest abyss.

His body seems to morph and change, seemingly at will, into all sorts of creatures, but the flesh seems to sag and shift, like a mannequin wearing an ill-fitting suit. His body is surrounded by a misty darkness that can form into both a protective shield and can even grant him flight through shadowy wings.


Orin started out life in the wastes, as most do, in poverty. He was born to a single mother, his father having disappeared as soon as the mother’s belly began to grow. Despite the circumstances, Orin lived a happy life in the village. Strong and well-mannered, he was treated very well as he did odd jobs once he was grown to support himself and his mother through the hard times. However, this was not meant to last.

He had a deep appreciation for the stars, as it was the only beautiful part in nature left to him in the wastes. A deep dread began to fill him as he saw flaming rocks appear in the sky. With no time to react, the rocks landed in his tiny village, crushing everything beneath it. By sheer coincidence, Orin was just far enough that he wasn’t killed, though the shockwave knocked his body clear of the rubble. As he awoke, he felt a chill when he saw the wreckage. Rushing back to his hut, he attempted to move the rubble, foolishly hoping against hope that he could save his mother. Dejected, he saw an unsettling glow emanate from the largest rock and felt compelled to approach it. With one outstretched hand, he touched the rock. A rush of information filled his head in strange characters that seemed both alien and familiar all at once. One message repeated itself through his mind: “You have been chosen.”

With the little bit of supplies and money he could collect from the rubble after days of excavation, he set off. Over the years, Orin wandered from town to town, struggling to learn what he had been “chosen” to do. At first, he couldn’t control the shifting nature of his body, earning him suspicion and fear in certain towns. Eventually, he ended up in service to the King of the North, lending his powers in exchange for access to any knowledge regarding the stars and what may lie beyond.

One day, he was called into service to support Dakota, and met them at the edge of the ocean. Upon being told of their mission, Orin agreed and joined the party, sensing that he’d soon be able to contact the one who gave him these abilities in the first place.


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