Wasteland Campaign

Making Alliances and Plans

Wednesday Group 8/26/2015
In-game 11/17-11/21

The group reunited with Sanura, and they interrogate the wizard with one arm. Despite Garth’s best attempts to rehabilitate him, the wizard would not give up his evil ways. So, Sanura killed the wizard.

Shimdot begins the process of hatching the Peryton egg, Sanura tries to get some black fur dye and sends a note to Lumbertown, Garth reads, and Marros spars with a guard.

They further discuss plans to fight Dak’Thar, perhaps building a new wall and guerilla tactics.

The merchant says our tar barrels will be here on 11/24. The group splits into two, one group heading to Skaboom to recquisition all the goblins and explosives for the biggest game of Don’t Explode ever, and the other group attempting to find the Positive Energy Elemental and get him to join the battle.

Lumbertown says they’ll give us 250 lbs of lumber and also 1000 lbs of food for 1000 lbs of lumber. The next day, everyone heads out on their journeys. Garth masterfully drives the drillcar to the gnome pit, and dictates instructions on how to drive it again. They manage to convince the Positive Energy Elemental to join the battle and to heal Orlaaz.

Three days pass without incident for Sanura and Shimdot on the way to Skaboom. She manages to somewhat convince the goblins to join the battle in the guise of a game and buys some pumpkin bombs.

Garth’s first attempt at creating a magic item fails horribly. Sanura travels to Lumbertown and agrees to the proposal Mayor Tom proposes

On the road to Tallus

Saturday Group 8/22/2015
In-game date 11/11-11/15

As Harsk, Kipp, Knock-Knock and the devil family have a wonderful day of conversing and eating, including a book about manipulating people that seemed abhorrent at first but slowly made more sense being read to Harsk by some devil children. Luca joins the party by entering through the portal and has a lovely time as well.

Razzo and Gullycloak attempt to help Dale through his paralysis and investigate the commotion upstairs. As they do, they come upon a creature doing battle with the devils that had attempted to press them into servitude of killing bards. It had killed Birdpip easily and sent the little ones screaming from the room with its blinding light and fire. It questioned the two remaining, demanding to be sent back to its home plane from where it had been summoned. However, Gullycloak talked him down and promised to send him home after Dak’Thar had been dealt with. After gathering up the various treasures and destroying the unholy books, they left with the newly dubbed Flashlight Jyoti once the firestorm ended and met up with the others.

They head to Tallus before heading to Luxury District. Gullycloak spends his nights doing something secretive and shady and Flashlight Jyoti heads to Silotown and Razzo bathes him in the light from his machine so he won’t feel so homesick for the Postive Energy Plane.

On the way they meet a hobo woman bard who tells them about Ocular Superiority being in Tallus, and that Luxury District has been overrun w/ rats and tigers and monsters of the night. And that Ocular Superiority cannot stop it for some reason.

At this point, they are one day away from Tallus.

Morlocks in a Mud-Fight

Wednesday 8/9/15
In-game date 11/13-11/16

As they return to Silotown, they learn that a half-dragon has come to give his report. Static electricity clicks off his skin. He mentions that the enemy has air troopers, about a dozen riding Thunderclutch beasts. Large, scaly. Two men per animal, half-orcs. 6 triceratops, with three orcs on each. A Colossal one on the ground. 20 deinochyus, half-orc riding each. 6 seemed to be troop transports, probably anklyosaurus (three men each). Two stegosauruses. Two scorpions. 6 powerful orcs riding bipedal dinosaurs. And Dak’Thar himself, riding a T-rex?

The group starts working on plans to fight Dak’Thar, like pit traps/bomb traps. The group does various things like send a note about a potential infiltrator in Silotown and Gilded Dawn has infiltrated the other party, reading, etc.

Morlocks attack the town while Sanara and Garth are asleep, so it takes them time to join the battle. The battle rages on until almost all of the Morlocks are dead. Kreg explodes the magician in the drill car. Sanura and Orlaaz fight for their lives in the other drillcar as Garth summons Earth elementals to pummel the remaining Morlocks outside. Sanura attempts to convince the magician to resurface. But the magician rigs the drillcar to explode and escapes via Dimension Door. Sanura follows and chops off his arm.

Orlaaz attempts to find a way to get the drillcar not to explode. He succeeds and tries to learn to drive the drillcar.

Meeting with Quhan

Wednesday Group 8/12/2015
in-game date 11/9-11/13
Lyra asks Kreg to build something like they did in CactusTown. The group decides to bring the chest and walk into what seems to be a trap. They see that there are trenches where a bunch of Kobolds are hiding.

They are welcomed into Bunia and meet with Quhan. He seems unusually cool. He takes the chest back and promises to help against Dak’Thar if the group doesn’t mess with his plans. The group decides not to completely align, but promises not to harm his towns in any way or align with the Doomwake Cinders, The Gilded Dawn (good-aligned in the North), Zorbon, Dak’Thar, or Ocular Superiority. He decides to aid them with some knowledge and some magic items (7000 gold each) or 10 half-dragon guards in place of each request.

He mentions that he’s working on the Project 8, the Future. We should stay away on pain of death.

He mentions that the Weather Engine is to NW of Silotown. May have caused apocalypse, not the Life Engine.

They travel to Delawort, they meet a strange merchant who makes out with Kreg. They meet another merchant and buy some stuff. They find a large elephant and send most of the food through to Silotown. They also get really drunk. They make it to Delawort. They buy a map. Then they decide to move on to MakeupTown. Then they learn that Morlocks are canvassing the town, so they decide to head back.

"Knock-Knock!" "Who's there?" "Knock-Knock!" "Yeah, who's there?" "Knock-Knock!"
"What is this, some kind of joke?"

Saturday Group 8/8/2015
In-Universe Date 11/9 – 11/11

The group manages to leave Celestia after meeting the gnome bard, Knock-Knock, a merry prankster who quickly wins the hearts of the group. They decide to head to Tellus (WheatTown), but decide to travel through Buckhead on the way there. They see horrifying visions of people’s bodies contorting and shifting under a large aerial magical vortex. Rozzo and Gullycloak go into the town amid warnings from the rest of the group, but their camel freaks out on being affected by the vortex and runs away from them. Harsk manages to catch the camel and the rest of the group moves around the edge to the other side of town until Kipp’s knowledge correctly deduces an oncoming cloud as a firestorm and the group seeks shelter in one of the huts in Buckhead, seeing horrible hallucinations and such. Dale gets wrapped up in the camel’s reins and gets dragged along town. Kipp, Harsk, and Knock-Knock enter a different hut.

Rozzo and Gullycloak are warned to leave town and then ushered in once it became clear they would not leave. They meet a few devils who bring Dale into the hut as well. Birdpip, the destroyer, a devil with a tentacle-like beard, attempts to press them into service to kill all bards after hearing about Frackgellan, the Protean. Negotiations break down and Dale attacks Birdpip. Eventually, Birdpip teleports away after Gullycloak blinds him and Dale critically harms him. The rest of Birdpip’s henchmen are defeated over a long period of time as the firestorm decimates the land outside the volcanic rock huts.

In the other hut, Kipp, Harsk, and Knock-Knock are greeted by a family of devils and an old man. While Harsk feels uncomfortable eating the evil food ingredients he is offered, he eventually gives in. Knock-Knock tells some rad jokes and Kipp cooks a masterful feast and cake for everyone. Harsk, seeing the mean-spirited jokes the devils seemed to like, smacks one of the devil children upside the head, to nobody’s amusement. It didn’t help that he also stole Knock-Knock’s thunder by finishing the punchline of a joke in an attempt to fit in. Harsk isn’t good at jokes or social activities. Pretty much just a fighter. In an attempt to break the tension, Harsk draws the Blue Sign in some food, instantly calming everyone. Over time, Harsk gives in and accepts that these evil creatures still gave him and the rest of the group food and shelter from perhaps certain death.

Further Negotiations in Town

Wednesday Group 8/5/2015

The group decides to head down to Beroune to meet Quhen, the representative of Cobalt Lightning. However, they go to sleep and wait for the Pegatone messenger in the morning.

Kreg meets a bard, who honestly seemed a bit like a dick, but he mentioned that Thunder Clutch from Dak’Thar was heading to Silotown in 3.5 weeks to destroy Silotown.

The Pegatone drops off a delivery box and leaves. A man by the name of Marras comes to Silotown looking to fight bad guys, so he joins the army.

Quhen sent a messenger and declared that he did not want to negotiate in Beroune as it was far away from his territory. The group goes to Bunia to meet Quhen, two on Carrion Grant and Varia. Kreg gets some sweet bodypaint. Sanura teaches the women how to know when they are being harassed by the Berserkers.

Garth and Orlaaz finally open the Ocular Superiority box and finds an orb, a 17-digit long code in Draconic, and a list (Project 1 Skydeath, Project 2 Space Engine, Project 3 Mind Engine, Project 4 The Beast, Project 5 The Earth Machine, Project 6 The Super Soldier, Project 7 The Living Death, Project 8 The Future, Project 9 The Nullifier, Project 10 The Forge, Project 11 The Affliction, Project 12 The Organ, Project 13 The Weather Engine). Garth immediately takes the orb and splits it in half. The group decides that the orb is far too dangerous to give back to Cobalt Lightning.

Kreg and Fenrir decided to conduct a panty raid on the bardesses and the bardesses got offended and decided to leave town..

Problems with a Protean

Saturday 8/1/15

The gang encounters a Protean and Mira loses a mouth, Dale gains some chest hair, and they gain some technicolor camels. Over the course of several days, her mouth starts to return as they head to Pegatone to inform the towns of Brighteyes’ defeat. Harsk and Dale take down a yak for the party.

They come across a Basilisk that turns Camilla, Dale’s camel, and Razo to stone. But the group manages to use the basilisk blood to heal the petrified. Mira eventually regains her mouth and immediately begins chattering, which annoys anyone.

Harsk meets a man named Billy Wildo, who tells him how horrifying Buckhead is (infested with devils, decimated and conjuring evil shit), a purple serpent was wandering the wastes, and he gets a bitching candy bar. They climb up to Pegatone, but are stopped by guards. Dale and Mira are allowed inside, while the rest are refused entry.

Mira learns about Rigatone in the east, but she manages to annoy her way to the front of the line to send out a message. They manage to send messages to Beroune, Turtletown, and Irwin.

Trekking to Trefland

Wednesday Group 7/29/15

The group gathered some supplies in Skaboom and headed to Trefland, finding it converted into a large monastery by the monks of the Iron Mountain in memory of their departed brother, Den. Sanura wove a beautiful story of Den’s great accomplishments, impressing the monks. She mentioned how they were continuing Den’s great quest to revive the Life Engine and requested the map to the Life Engine in exchange for a host of kobolds to be trained in the ways of the monks.

Kreg became a little too friendly with Sandstorm merchant in an attempt to pickpocket him, grabbing the merchant’s family jewels instead.

The Fall of Brighteyes
Deal Struck in the Dark

Saturday Group 7/25/2015

Luca had followed the group down into the earth, and managed to track them to the Kingdom of the Pale Giants, but heard some commotion coming from up ahead. The chase was on between the group of Harsk, Dale, and Kipp vs Brighteyes and the Ocular Superiority Wizard. Luca managed to avoid Brighteyes’ gaze and hopped on our heroes’ boat. The group manages to catch up and they engage in battle. The wizard leaves a hand-shaped burn scar on Dale’s shoulder from his lightning spell. Kipp and Luca defeat Brighteyes while Harsk kills the wizard. As they gather up their winnings, they discuss what has happened in recent times and take some time to mourn Karoatch’s death. They begin to head back to the village to rest for the night in a nearby alcove.

Gullycloak, meanwhile, has managed to defeat his foe in single combat and is declared innocent of murder (that he never committed in the first place). However, the king declares that Gullycloak will be the new court jester-slave and seer for the king in perpetuity. Gullycloak claims that he has been given a vision of the future where the Drow will poison the giants with Slirnbase and cause great ruin to the kingdom. He also mentions a potential alliance with the King in the North that might save the Pale Giants. A servant rushes in and declares that many giants are dead, with Slirnbase scattered all around. In response, the Giant King declares war on the Drow and agrees to find the King’s son in exchange for the King’s help. But only on the condition that they meet in person, and sends a grimlock named Pygmy Minor and a giant named Grimbone to aid in Gullycloak’s quest. Gullycloak requests leave to go to the surface and takes a boat. On the way, he meets up with the group and learns of Karoatch’s death and the defeat of Brighteyes and the OS wizard.

The group decides to head to Luxury District in order to further Gullycloak’s quest and to send a message to the towns threatened by Brighteyes that she is no more and to send the gifts they promised to Silotown as thanks. As they travel, Luca stumbles across an extremely rare find: The Buckler of Magrin, an intelligent magic item originally created for a Dwarven cleric. As they travel further, the group is trapped by a heat wave and sudden blinding dust. They take a few days rest to regroup.

Short version: Luca and Gullycloak rejoin the group, Brighteyes and Ocular Superiority Wizard killed, Group headed to Luxury District to further Gullycloak’s quest and send message to towns that Brighteyes is dead, found an extremely powerful magic item, and trapped by blinding dust. Few days to rest

Rolling Down the River
An Explosive Introduction

Wednesday Group 7/22/2015

On the way down the river, Garth managed to crack a few more locks on the chest of Ocular Superiority. Two days have passed when suddenly a denim-wearing guitarist named Zimmerman comes up the river in the other direction. He mentions that he is a Starman and gives his song: Orbs were stolen by Ocular Superiority from clerics of Ing. 13 orbs for 14 machines, did some good and bad things. The ruin (from the old days) was in the northern mountains. Vault of Ing due east of Trefland by a few days. Orbs are matched up to different machines. He began to sing of Trefland and how Den’s monk brethren got pissed and attacked Trefland. But Trefland was already slaughtered by the Guardians of Lore. Trefland is now a monastery. As they made it to Cactustown, they were predictably surrounded by cactuses.

As they reach Cactus-town, a prospective pledge for the Berserkers demands the group meet the leaders. The Berserkers have been protecting the town and mentioned they serve the Doomwake Cinders, who we find out are Salamanders (lawful evil reptile creatures from the Plane of FIre). Some other gangs that serve the Doomwake CInders are Funeral Rot (the goat people from Trefland) and 1349, the Scorpion Riders. We barter a deal with the Berserkers about transplanting cacti to Silotown and helping out Cactus-town with their water supply.

The Treant Party learned a great deal from the Treant. We learned mainly that a great thunderstorm had something to do with the great cataclysm.

The group spent a day in the town to help out but moved on once they learned that the Guardians of Lore were a day away from the town. As they moved down the river, they saw many flashes of light down the river on the way to Skaboom. They found some gourds that emitted light. They come upon a city of goblins throwing exploding pumpkins. They managed to defeat the leader in a game of Toss the Pumpkin.


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