Wasteland Campaign

Oozy Observations

Saturday game 9-26-15
Ingame date 12/15

Seymour, Whisper, Knock-Knock, and Pilgrim move to the Temple of the Blue King. On the way, they come across a Swamp monster tries to rip Knock-Knock’s head off while he tells a funny joke about surgeons and fish.
They manage to catch up to the regular Group and go down the hole where they see the group gathered around the ooze-like creature. Pilgrim floats down the hole and Knock-Knock falls down and nearly killed himself from the fall damage.

Knock Knock nearly dies from the ooze and Pilgrim points his staff at the ooze and causes it to explode. Gullycloak heals Knock Knock. As they travel down the different paths, they get attacked by multiple oozes.

They find little alcoves behind religious symbols and find little treasures. Pilgrim gets himself trapped in what seems to be an alternate plane. They finally manage to rejoin each other and move through various other rooms. They find that the Temple seems to be formerly dedicated to St. Cuthbert. Luca nearly falls to his death but Gullycloak summons an eagle which manages to push Luca into the wall and allows him to survive. Seymour also falls and gets impaled on the wall.

They all manage to get back together and find some scrolls that seem to be different from the others. They also find a weird frog that talks to Kreg and gives him a chance to have any question answered. The frog merges with Kreg’s body and speaks to him telepathically. They finally found the pages and leave the dungeons.

British Urkel is Harry Potter
It makes just as much sense in context

Wednesday Group 9/23/15
In-game 12/7

The group heads up the mountain and meets a man named Stone who wishes to take their names down in preparation for their funeral. The group heads up the mountains and kills some ogres. A stone wall appears in front of the cave and an illusion appears, threatening them.

After they defeat all the ogres, they are led by the remaining ogres through the cave and move past all the traps. They see a thing called the Grinder that turns people into healing potions. Garth learns that the souls of the grinded are stored in the Grinder and can be released.

As Garth does so, Razzo wrangles them into a contraption, which upsets Garth greatly. But Razzo manages to convince Garth that the ghosts would not be safe down here and Garth relents.

Fiery Fanatical Fishy Fry

Saturday Group 9/19/2015
In-game Date 12/15

Kreg starts off the battle by melting the roof of the church and jumping in, afterwards accidentally setting the church on fire with a chandelier. Harsk smashes the door easily with his Thunderclaw, Kipp creates an illusion of a giant Goblin sushi chef and then burninates most of the innocents, breaking Paula Priestess’ wall of swirling daggers and knocking her prone. Gullycloak covers the area in darkness. Owl-bear punching guy leaves after being mistreated by Kipp one too many times.

The priestess pretends to surrender and fires a blast of cold air at them. Harsk manages to dodge completely, jumping off the dais. As she continues cursing, Harsk moves and slices her head in half. Gullycloak starts making a lot of “Blue” puns.

They move further into the church. There is a painting of an underwater seascape, immaculately done. Harsk ruins it, per usual. They find tons of crates of various religious garb, symbols, etc. Harsk suggests they throw a bomb down to scare off the monster so it doesn’t attack Gullycloak as he goes down the hole. The ooze-like creature attacked Gullycloak and Kreg as they try to defend themselves. After being stuck in battle with a perpetually-reviving ooze for a while, the group split up and searched the different halls in a race to find the pages.

Travelling to Bloodcorn

Wednesday Group 9/16/2015
*ingame 12/2- 12/7

The group gets the same speech as the Saturday group. I’m not writing it again. Just go look at that post. The group decides to go to the one in the Underdark. A man made of gold walks into town. We are invited to Rennen to a concert by Ziggy the bard. They talk to another bard named King Prescott, he sings a song about a land to the west, an eldritch machine that has been unearthed by seismic activity. He’s the King of Rock and Roll.

There are also a lot of prisoners and they also split up the dinosaurs. Shimdot takes the extra PCs out into the waste to take over Dak’thar’s territory. They send some dinosaurs to the Iron Mountain and Quhan as a show of good faith and thanks.

They decide to head to the gnome hole. Garth makes Luca his endless bandolier. 1st day passes. Hammergulch has a fungal mine that is protected by lizard people. 2nd day passes. 3rd day passes. Garth upgrades his cloak of resistance. 4th day passes.

They make it to Bloodcorn after a bunch of sweet jumps. They hear screams. They decide to fuck over Peaches and the family. The Bloodcorn screams really loud and it is sentient.

Travelling Across The Ground

Saturday 9/12/2015
in-game date 12/2-12/15

The Elder mentions that the Levithians created the Engines. He claims that he’ll help get rid of the Blue Sign. The Blue Sign will open the eyes of the believers, five fingers of sea will adorn the chosen, man will bear the viasge of the blue king, fish will walk the land and consume the living, the waves will crash and eat the shores. The Blue King will rise and take his children to enter the Leviathan. Two of these seals are already broken.

We have to collect the first two pages of the seals. He gives us a map to head to a temple and we have to beat the cleric to the pages and they cannot be destroyed.

Temple of the Blue God, one in underdark under lair of Ocular Superiority, and one in the jungles to the northeast (cloud giants). The fifth dungeon is in ice to the north on an island. The sixth dungeon is deep underwater in the Sea Kingdom. The most dangerous is the book with the Elder Red Dragon who first banished the Blue King who lives in the mountains to the Southwest. This is the same as the dragon the dwarves are trying to take out.

Luca leaves money behind for Garth to make the endless bandolier.

Lord Kipp, Owlbear-punching dude, Harsk, Luca, Dale, Kreg, Mowgli, Gullycloak, Pygmy Minor, Grimsbone, Orpheus the dwarf come along on the drillcar. Kreg creates a magical apprentice to help. Harsk finds a sand boa constrictor and they make a fantastic meal.

In the middle of the night, Luca sees a man crawling, yoked to his own cart. He’s fucked up. Luca gives him some water. His name is Ichabod of the Hail Merchants. He offers to sell a very special ring in exchange for Grimsbone. He gets blackmailed into giving up the ring via threats. He is very angry and vows vengeance,

The temple of the blue god is the first stop. It is far to the southwest in a swamp.

They head on the way. Nothing happens on the next two nights. Fourth day, they have delicious “desert lobster.”

Gullycloak has a dream, he gets sucked into a deep whirlpool into the watery deep. As he keeps going down, a radiant blue glow surrounds a giant metal cap with the Blue sign on it. One of the clamps holding down the cap breaks. This is the night of 12/5.

On the night of fifth night, Duergar the Lightning merchant, sells Harsk a Celestial compendium. He hands it off to Gullycloak.

Sixth night, nothing happens. On the seventh day, they hit a water pocket and they nearly drown, but Kipp’s masterful driving saves them. Harsk has a fear of water now having nearly drowned twice now.

A guy in a crab suit, named Dave Crabman, is a great and powerful bard. He takes the medallion of thought projection. He tells them about the Blue King. The dragons defeated the Blue King. He mentions more of the Blue King’s return. He very specifically describes the exact details of the first dungeon’s location. Leucothia, the Blue King cleric, holds a cult there. They keep “holy objects” of their religion there.

Eighth day passes. A fish man tells them a story about the Guardians of Lore and the Blue King. He says the secret way into the temple is in the back of the chambers.

They meet some more merchants over the next few days and learn there is a beast in the jungles to the northeast.
On 12/15, they finally make their way to the temple. They try to break their way into the church after being shut out.

Destruction of Dak'thar and his ThunderClutch

Monday, 9-7-2015 In-game Date 12-2

As the day of battle approached, many groups came to pledge their loyalties to Silotown and some just wanted a good fight. The group readied their weapons and their spells, preparing themselves for what could very well be their final battle. They managed to decimate half of the enemy’s forces before the battle with a massive pumpkin bomb.

Then, in the distance, the group saw them and began the onslaught. The fighters and archers took down the flying dinosaurs and some of the ground dinosaurs. The various groups that came to help took out the dinosaur riders that got to close to town or crashed behind the spike pits.

The spellcasters did their best to control the battlefield, keeping the amount of dinosaurs equal or less than the heroes attacking. Some were even able to force the monsters to attack each other. Orlaaz and Sanaura worked on one side of the battlefield bottlenecking some more dinosaurs and ramming them with the Cyclowhip.

Wayne and Varia had the air superiority, whittling down the pteranodons and attacking the Diploducus and Tyrannosaurus Rex that Dak’Thar rode, with some help from the half-dragons Quhan sent. Kreg managed to travel the battlefield with great ease, aiding the party.

Finally, Dak’thar entered the battle and threatened the heroes of Silotown with death. Out of nowhere, Wayne swept in and destroyed Dak’thar in short order, leaving both sides of the battlefield (including Garth) flabbergasted. Garth took the initiative to try to force the enemy to surrender in the face of such a danger. They immediately agreed, surrendering or fleeing.

The group gathered up the winnings and buried the dwarves, monks, and half-dragons that died in the epic battle. Garth took the liberty of convincing his Hound Archon to light the graves with a continual flame as an eternal tribute to their sacrifice. He also lit the T-rex’s eyesockets with the continual flame (cause’ who doesn’t want a glowing Jack-o-Lantern T-rex skull as a trophy?)

Travelling to Cactustown

Wednesday Group 9/2/2015
In-game 11/21-11/26

Peryton egg hatches, its name is Perydot. Crafting happens. Wayne gets a bitching amulet. They all decide to go to party with the Berserkers at Cactustown for what might be their last hurrah. It will take 6 days. On 11/24, the tar barrels arrive in Silotown. The group comes along and finds a merchant. They buy 20 lbs of caltrops. They also meet a bard, he’s almost unintelligible, but he says his name is Don and he tells us that Dak’thar has magic armored dinos. Also Ocular Superiority lives in a big tower near dragons and they travel underground. On the fifth night, Varia attacks some undead creature that was approaching. Everyone pulls together and defeats the horrid beast.

On 12/2, Dak’thar will arrive at Silotown.

Drinking and Delving
Ghouls and Ghasts

Saturday 8/29/2015
In-game 11/15- 11/17

They find 100 lbs of honeycomb, and send through 50 lbs of food.

They make it to Tallus, where wheat fields abound. A structure rises from the huts, a lodge of sorts. The townspeople are acting skittish. They go to the big structure and find a large revelry inside. They learn that there’s an ogre problem called the Family in Bloodcorn to the North that’s affecting Tallus and that Ocular Superiority comes by and steals Tallus’ grain every few days. Besod is the main ogre and we’ll kill him and trade his head for grain.

Doug and Stu from Lumbertown (they watched the competition) are there and mention how good they have it. Everyone else at the table has a pity party.

Kipp’s table has one of Ariel’s bardesses being sexually harassed by half-orcs and robed men wearing the blue sign. The half-orcs come from Creaturesiege.

At the last table are a couple of dwarves and a catfolk, human, and halfling, Luca feels a tug at his brain to give the buckler back to the dwarves. He does so. The dwarves say that it is time to free the dwarves to the west. They mention that they are ambassadors of Spanist/Poisontown and Fortresstown. They call Luca the Chosen One and promise to lend the dwarf army to Luca to take on the red dragons in the west.

Kipp immediately takes advantage and tries to write a letter to convince the dwarf army to come to Silotown in an attempt to trick them into battle. The catfolk has a strange shadow as she goes downstairs past a shrine. They mention a terrible basement filled with goodies and danger. They go down and Harsk gets covered in gross halfling zombie gore and feels gross.

They find the corpse of the catfolk and are confronted by ghouls and a ghast. The group handles them easily, but the pile of zombies starts wriggling and tries to attack. They win. And ask a wolf statue how to find the Life Engine, and Luca can take anyone to find the Life Engine.

They come back upstairs to party and revel, and return to Silotown in the morning to begin the preparations for the battle with Dak’Thar.

Making Alliances and Plans

Wednesday Group 8/26/2015
In-game 11/17-11/21

The group reunited with Sanura, and they interrogate the wizard with one arm. Despite Garth’s best attempts to rehabilitate him, the wizard would not give up his evil ways. So, Sanura killed the wizard.

Shimdot begins the process of hatching the Peryton egg, Sanura tries to get some black fur dye and sends a note to Lumbertown, Garth reads, and Marros spars with a guard.

They further discuss plans to fight Dak’Thar, perhaps building a new wall and guerilla tactics.

The merchant says our tar barrels will be here on 11/24. The group splits into two, one group heading to Skaboom to recquisition all the goblins and explosives for the biggest game of Don’t Explode ever, and the other group attempting to find the Positive Energy Elemental and get him to join the battle.

Lumbertown says they’ll give us 250 lbs of lumber and also 1000 lbs of food for 1000 lbs of lumber. The next day, everyone heads out on their journeys. Garth masterfully drives the drillcar to the gnome pit, and dictates instructions on how to drive it again. They manage to convince the Positive Energy Elemental to join the battle and to heal Orlaaz.

Three days pass without incident for Sanura and Shimdot on the way to Skaboom. She manages to somewhat convince the goblins to join the battle in the guise of a game and buys some pumpkin bombs.

Garth’s first attempt at creating a magic item fails horribly. Sanura travels to Lumbertown and agrees to the proposal Mayor Tom proposes

On the road to Tallus

Saturday Group 8/22/2015
In-game date 11/11-11/15

As Harsk, Kipp, Knock-Knock and the devil family have a wonderful day of conversing and eating, including a book about manipulating people that seemed abhorrent at first but slowly made more sense being read to Harsk by some devil children. Luca joins the party by entering through the portal and has a lovely time as well.

Razzo and Gullycloak attempt to help Dale through his paralysis and investigate the commotion upstairs. As they do, they come upon a creature doing battle with the devils that had attempted to press them into servitude of killing bards. It had killed Birdpip easily and sent the little ones screaming from the room with its blinding light and fire. It questioned the two remaining, demanding to be sent back to its home plane from where it had been summoned. However, Gullycloak talked him down and promised to send him home after Dak’Thar had been dealt with. After gathering up the various treasures and destroying the unholy books, they left with the newly dubbed Flashlight Jyoti once the firestorm ended and met up with the others.

They head to Tallus before heading to Luxury District. Gullycloak spends his nights doing something secretive and shady and Flashlight Jyoti heads to Silotown and Razzo bathes him in the light from his machine so he won’t feel so homesick for the Postive Energy Plane.

On the way they meet a hobo woman bard who tells them about Ocular Superiority being in Tallus, and that Luxury District has been overrun w/ rats and tigers and monsters of the night. And that Ocular Superiority cannot stop it for some reason.

At this point, they are one day away from Tallus.


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