Wasteland Campaign

The Blue King's Sixth Wave

Wednesday Group 01/11/2017
In game date: 1/22

Gullycloak returns with Dale in tow as well as some strange devices that he sets up at the corners of the tavern. They seem to be able to be used as traps.

Void dragons show up and blast the party with cold blasts of air. Gullycloak entangles them with some horrifying dark lightning bolts, while Orin burns the dragons with sheets of fire. Iona charges one of the dragons. Kipp blasts some fireballs and Sanura fires off some arrows while Meera cackles.

As the group systematically takes down the twisted creatures, they begin to breathe easier. And yet, a twinge of uncertainty goes through their minds. Where is the Blue Priestess in all of these waves?

Hitting the Halfway Point

Wednesday Group 01/04/2017
In game date: 1/22

Off in the distance, they hear The booming voice of Morael. He rallies his troops to take down the Saviors. They hear talking between the troops about the party’s weaknesses. The Guardians of Lore have shown up! But one of them immediately falls asleep and another one begins vomiting in his helmet. A small dot appears near the troops’ heads and explodes in a blast of fire. A giant robot appears from the mist and begins firing its gatling guns, hitting Meera and Silver Owl.

Grimsbone, blessed by Ashava’s grace, swings a mighty blow at the robot’s legs. A summoned tyrannosaurus finishes the job on the suit. Another suit pops out and is promptly destroyed. A fireball roasts some newcomers to the party. The t-rex picks up the suit with Morael in it and shakes it wildly. Morael bursts out as a metal-covered skeleton and laughs at his former servants. He teleports away as the Guardians of Lore slump their shoulders. Gullycloak attempts to follow him and shows up in a facility filled with hundreds of Guardians of Lore.

Back at the tower, Orin manages to convince one Guardian to join their side after some intimidation and diplomacy. The Guardian teaches Kreg how to take apart the other Guardian’s armor.

Sensing that their group was running low on resources, they light the magical incense and begin to prepare for the next wave.

"Four-cing" Them Back

Wednesday Group 12/21/2016
In game date: 1/22

As they prepare for the next wave, they see snow falling from the sky. They hear a haunting melody and many snowmen appear from the mist. They are pelted by snowballs, including Silver Owl. Kreg pulls aside her robes and jabs her butt with several healing syringes.

Iona slices off a huge snowman’s head and takes his Santa hat. Kreg uses his whip to grapple onto a huge snowman’s nose and then rips it off. The larger snowmen reach the top, but are killed by negative energy elementals and bolts of electricity released from Orin.

As the rest of the snowmen die, a whole new wave of snowmen appears. But hark, off in the distance! Sleigh bells! Santa has come to town! He clears the snowmen away and congratulates the party on all their good deeds.

Three's Company

Wednesday Group 12/14/2016
In game date: 1/22

As the next wave bashes against the shore, several giants appear on the shore with boulders. Gullycloak mind controls one of them into building a great wall with the boulders. Kipp summons a pudding and Orin petrifies two of the giants. As the giants stab the puddings, they get mobbed by more puddings as they split into multiple creatures.

The petrified giants recover, but are dispatched shortly thereafter. Iona takes out a few in the name of Heironeus. Grimsbone manages to peg a few with rocks from atop the tower. Meera’s cackling inspires the group to try harder in the face of adversity, surprisingly harmonizing with the strains of Ziggy’s lute.

As all but the two giants geassed into building the wall are dispatched with, the group decides to let them finish their wall before getting rid of them in the next wave.

The waves are getting closer and closer to the tower with each wave. Perhaps the group needs to create barriers to prevent them from getting too close?

Second Wave

(So, I skipped the first wave because I lost the notes. Spoilers: it was a lot like this one, but with Elder Deep Ones instead of the creature described here.)

Wednesday Group 12/07/2016
In game date: 1/22

As they see the creatures appear through the mist, Meera screeches, unleashing a cloud of death upon the creatures. Kreg starts divebombing the creatures. Iona and Kipp attack the last group when a giant worm-like creature flies at the party. Some of them recognize it as a neothelid that attacked them before Garth sacrificed himself (though he seems to have joined the Blue King since then.) Kreg and Iona leap through the air and attack the neothelid. Orin and Meera summon an octopus and tyrannosaurus, which also attack the neothelid. Meanwhile, Kipp retreats into an extradimensional space for some reason, occasionally popping in and out to fire off a spell. Eventually, the neothelid falls.

Meanwhile, one last group of boggards manages to scale the wall of the tower and reach Silver Owl. Orin hurriedly covers the area in glitterdust, accidentally blinding Silver Owl and Meera along with the enemies. The Saviors manage to take out the last few before Silver Owl is hurt.

So close to destruction, and it’s only the second wave. Can the group survive another eight waves of the Blue King’s forces?

Titans of the Tower

Wednesday Group 11/23/2016
In game date: 1/22

As they head down south in the hot air balloon, they see countless aquatic creatures walking on the land. Ziggy gives them a bedtime story. After everyone is asleep, Orin asks Ziggy of his knowledge of the space between the stars. He replies that the Blue King is one of many creatures that draw their power from that place. Further, the Blue King is a pissant compared to the other denizens of the Dark Tapestry.

In the morning, Kipp prepares a fabulous feast, though of what, nobody can say. Suddenly, some winds blow the balloon out of control. Kipp, Sanara, and Orin manage to jump out and land on some solid ground. As the fog clears, they see an alien-looking tower. They see a whale corpse surrounded by small Deep Ones, and Kipp annihilates them with a fireball.

Suddenly, they are attacked by cultists in the tower. Kipp obliterates a tower full of cultists. A cleric targets them with fireballs from an open platform near the top of the tower, a Hezrou is summoned in front of Sanura . An archer suddenly screams in horror and jumps off the tower to his death and splats headfirst into the ground. The cleric does her best to take out the group, but Orin and Sanura team up to knock her out. Kipp mops up the rest, including the summoner with a few well-placed fireballs.

As they begin to prepare for the battle to come, a dull thundering begins to echo from the mist at the shore of the island. The apocalypse is fast approaching. The Saviors have but one choice: cancel the apocalypse.

Dance, Magic, Dance!

Wednesday Group 11/16/2016
In game date: 1/20-1/22

As the group starts their planning, they ask for Orlaaz to create a hot air balloon to avoid the Krakens in the sea. He replies that he’ll have it ready in the morning. Anticipating their final battle, the group dines at Chez Kipp and reminisces about their journey. In the morning, they are contacted by Ziggy, who asks for their help in defeating the Protean ravaging his city. They decide that the collecting of all of the Blue King’s minions in one place is actually the best thing, so that Cuthbert’s Hammer can wipe them all out in one shot. They ask for Ziggy’s help in the upcoming battle against the Blue King in exchange for their services.

They show up and see that the city is being torn apart by the Protean. Strange lights and the earth is floating around in strange geometry.

As they release their spells and blades, the Protean falls to its death. The town erupts in celebration as the townsfolk’s warped bodies begin to return to their former state. The most beautiful singing, dancing, and instrumentation abound to the awe of the Silotown Saviors. While they had seen many things, never had they seen such a collection of bards before today.

Amidst the jubilation, the enigmatic bard, Ziggy, appears before them and thanks them once again for saving his city. Making good on his promise, Ziggy joins them on the hot air balloon. Further, he rewards the group with various magical items that he has in his bag. Ziggy plays them a song to relieve them of their stress and give them a chance to rest for the battle ahead.

As they take off for the south, the weight of the world is on their shoulders.

Death of Friend and Foe

Wednesday 10/26/2016
In-game date 1/20

As soon as Kreg’s injection takes effect, Qohan begins to convulse and scream in horror, “It’s a sin! It’s a sin!” Kreg tells Orin to go finish the battle, and that he has things taken care of with the once-intimidating Blue Dragon.

The group quickly mops up the rest of the Blue Priestess’ minions and manages to get her on the ropes. Gullycloak points out to her that they both want to revive the Blue King, albeit for vastly different reasons.

She laughs, claiming that our plan will never work, and teleports away from the battle. With no time to spare, a group of cloud giants comes down and tries to make a business deal for the woman we recognize as the Silver Owl. Gullycloak, still hyped on adrenaline, decides to kill the giants for trying to profit off slavery. Not that the rest of the group really disagreed with him.

The group talks with the Silver Owl after a quick skirmish and she reveals that Cuthbert’s Hammer will take a while to charge, due to the fact that this Engine is comprised of two parts: one on the surface and the other in orbit that must be perfectly aligned in order to fire. During that time, we’ll have to deal with all of the Blue King’s forces trying to kill Silver Owl. The group tries to see if they can just wait to activate the pages right before they fire the engine, but Silver Owl claims it could be difficult.

Further, she mentions that it will be difficult to get a vast navy to the island where Cuthbert’s Hammer lies due to the Blue King’s forces sinking most ships that cross any sea right now. The group discusses binding some air elementals to a ship to carry her and the Silotown Saviors to the island.

With this plan in mind, they try to trick Ocular Guardority into believing that an entity known as Supreme Ocular Guardority is trying to usurp his place as guardian of the pages. Unwilling to let the Silotown Saviors protect it without insurance, he dominates Luca to lay down his life for the pages. The Saviors quickly dispel the domination and swap the pages with some fake ones. O.G. comes back and the Saviors come up with a quick (and badly acted) bluff that Supreme Ocular Guardority got the pages and ran off with them to the island to the south. Enraged, O.G. disintegrates Luca for his failure and commands them to go retrieve the pages.

As they saw their friend collapse into a pile of dust, the Saviors knew this was the last straw. Ocular Guardority’s arrogance, disrespect, and insanity had always been begrudgingly tolerated as long as he protected the pages. But now he was no longer necessary, and further, he had killed one of the Saviors. Gullycloak, Orin, and Iona put down the monster with extreme prejudice.

With all of this in mind, the group decides to rest before beginning preparations for the end of their journey: Cuthbert’s Hammer.

Being Evil Sucks When Fighting a Paladin

Wednesday Group 10/18/16
In game date: 1/20

Gullycloak goes to meet Ichabod and requests items to get around the blacklist on Silotown.

Meera goes to O.G. to ensure he has plans if the Silotown Saviors get killed.

Sanara has rejoined the group after a brief absence, upset at the group for not helping her people, but understanding that a bigger problem takes priority.

On Gullycloak’s suggestion, the group decides to drillcar underneath the enemies’ meeting and blow the hell out of them. They stuff the car full of poison, alchemical explosives, highly concentrated whiskey, and other shrapnel, and set off the bomb from a safe distance.

The bomb goes off, taking out most of the armies except for two Elder Deep Ones, Zorbon, a few demons, the Blue Priestess, and Qohan himself. Gullycloak manages to briefly distract the Priestess by compelling her to rebuild the walls of Silotown, taking her out of the battle momentarily as she disappears.

As they come upon the area in the Cyclowhip, they are stopped hard by the punch of a Hezrou, a hulking reptilian demon. The Cyclowhip is heavily damaged, if not irreparably destroyed. Kreg releases the catapult, launching Iona like a bolt of lightning from Hieroneus’ own hand. She destroys Zorbon with one mighty swing of her longsword, cleaving him in twain as she humbly proclaims the might of her god.

Seeing this, Zorbon’s minions and summoned likeness surround her to avenge their fallen master. The Elder Deep Ones aren’t far behind. Sanara leaps to her aid, taking a few shots at the Vrocks surrounding Iona, piercing their screeching necks.

Kreg leaps on the Hezrou’s face and injects him with bombs as Grimsbone pummels the demon to death.

Orin, after a failed attempt to petrify the enemies and pelting Qohan with magic ice strikes, uses his magic to stop the demons, Qohan, and one of the Elder Deep Ones from taking any hostile actions against the party. Neutered, the Vrocks and the Elder Deep One retreat.

At this moment, the Blue Priestess returns and proclaims that her task has been completed and that the Saviors will no longer get in the way of the Blue King’s return. If she only knew the Savior’s plan. Gullycloak and Grimsbone step over the Hezrou’s burning corpse and approach her.

Seeing his options running out, Qohan’s smug facade breaks. Even having seen his eventual death in the Eldritch Machine of time, he shrieks, “Fuck the future,” and attempts to escape by burrowing through the ground. Kreg and Orin use their own resources to catch up to the cowardly Qohan. Kreg injects him with the same hallucinogen that Dale experienced in the jungle. Qohan’s pupils go wide and his mind is plunged into chaos.

Up above, Iona and Sanara are still toe-to-to with an Elder Deep One, while Gullycloak and Grimsbone confront the Blue Priestess.

While the enemies’ forces have been greatly reduced, a cornered beast is even more dangerous. The Silotown Saviors will have to be very careful when dealing with their most dangerous foe yet.

The Battle of 4 Armies

Wednesday Group 10/12/16
In game date: 1/15-1/20

We killed a bunch of people from Zorbon’s, Qohan’s, and the Blue Priestess’ armies.


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