Wasteland Campaign

Boneshattering Baddies

Saturday Group: 4/9/16
In game date: 1/1

Hatter, Kreg, and Dale wander into the woods and meet some mushroom people. They are given some mushrooms and are told to eat them. They turn into mushrooms for an hour and meet up at a temple with a two-headed snake guy. They go on a dream journey to reclaim their sleep. They see many different areas showing them where the remaining pages are and where the parts of the elevator are. They also see where the dragons are enslaving dwarves to create huge weapons in the west. In the miles of gold in the hoard, they finally see the book that they’ve been looking for. The dragon blasts their incorporeal form with fire back into their bodies. Dale has a weird baseball dream that will leave him forever changed.

They catch up to everyone, cross the gorge, and see Lazar at the bridge waiting for them. Also with her is a thick, stocky dwarf named Tower. She challenges Hatter to one on one combat, but Tower is a dick and attacks Kreg. Kreg poisons him with hallucinogenic venom and Gullycloak shatters his bones. Gullycloak licks Lazar and she erupts in wounds. Hatter throws a hat on Tower and fingers erupt from his mouth. Lazar dies and falls over the side of the bridge, and Reyes falls to Tower’s barrage. Reyes comes back to life. Dale and Kreg go down. But a hat lands on Tower’s head, and he falls in love with the Hatter. As he proposes to Hatter, Gullycloak and Reyes kill Tower.

Nitro, Gemini, and Blaze are still out there. How many champions are left at this point? Getting kind of ridiculous.

TL;DR, Hatter, Kreg, and Dale find out more about the pages. They meet up with Gullycloak, Reyes, and Roren. They kill Lazar and Tower (who fell in love with Hatter. Seems to be a recurring theme.)

Robots and Keys
Getting Lazy with Multi-Session Dungeon Names

Wednesday Group: 4/6/16
In game date: 1/9

They head into C2 which has tons of shelves. Some wasp constructs take the laser off after Fenrir presses the install button. A golem starts attacking the party and the party splits up to explore and defeat the golem. They go into another room and an alarm goes off, alerting more robots. Blah blah blah, we go through more rooms. In the meantime, we set off some flares and hurt ourselves and Dakota sets a robot free from his control. A giant minotaur attacks the party and Orin and Fenrir split the party to try and get as many keys as possible.

TL;DR We got more keys and fight more robots.

Jungle Japes

Saturday group: 4/2/16

In-game date: 12/28-1/1

They come across a skull-like cavern and sleep in a hole. Gullycloak warps away to sleep in town. During the night, a woman attacks Grimsbone with a barrage of arrows. After being threatened by Grimsbone's throbbing cock, she runs away across the treetops. Grimsboner grapples the woman and slams her into the branches. Betsy wakes up and recognizes the woman as Lazar. She goes back to sleep. Harsk, Betsy, and Grimsbone get stabbed and die horribly.


Back in Silotown, Gullycloak meets Roren and Reyes, who are from the North Kingdom. They pop back, after being filled in on the situation. They try to make their way back to Harsk, Betsy, and Grimsbone, because Gullycloak thinks something is wrong. Deftly avoiding tornadoes, they head over. They come across swarms of army ants and a t-rex. Roren manages to put the t-rex to sleep and it gets devoured by army ants. The champion controlling the t-rex flees, knowing that his protection is gone. Reyes masterfully jumps the gorge, and Gullycloak makes it across as well. 


TL;DR Harsk, Grimsbone, and Betsy get killed by Lazar as Dale, Hatter, and Kreg wander off into the forest again. Gullycloak meets Roren and Reyes. Temporary clash with Gemini, another champion.

Mazes and Keys

Wednesday Group: 3/30/16
In-game date: 1/9

The group walks into a room, characters switch out through the portal. Lightning is crackling throughout the room. Razzo and Dakota fall down, but Dakota gets picked up by an Elemental that Kia summoned, revealing that Ismarck was just a disguise. Hiita slips down as well, Bibwit and Dakota lasso her up. They move into the next room with tons of suits of armor on horse statues. The suits of armor gangstomp Fenrir and the group tries to rescue him as he summons the elevator. After a lot of fighting and ghost capturing, the group prevails. Razzo farts in the elevator. The elevator starts talking to them and they see miles of sea. Once they go down, they start exploring the maze and get stuff.

Big Ass Worm and a Balor

Wednesday Group: 3/16/16
In game date: beginning of 1/9-night of 1/9

As the group comes up on the train, a giant neothelid attacks the group. As the group manages to make it into the train, Garth and Wayne get left behind as he teleports away just before being devoured. As they get to the ocean, they meet a female orc (Slagtusk), an aasimar (Orin) plagued by some spirit, and a fighter with some bites on his neck (Ismar). Razzo sucks a ghost away from Orin, the aasimar. Orin mentions that the King of the North sent him as the backup that Dakota requested.

As they come up on the tomb, a balor shows up. They realize it’s an illusion as fire is blazing around them. They open up the vault and see a map in the center of the room that seems to correspond to a grid on the floor. As Dakota tries to take a weapon from the suits of armor, they animate. The fight eventually concludes.

Get attacked by giant worm. Garth and Wayne get separated from the party and go missing. Slugtusk, Ismarck, and Orin join the quest for the submarine. They go down into a tunnel.

Revelations and Rewards

Wednesday Group: 3/16/16
In game date: 1/8- beginning of 1/9

Varia and Hiita, who returned to the Cyclowhip, hear whispers on the ridge. As the group begins to surface, the chatter grows and the party prepares for battle with the Guardians of Lore. Kia summons some frogs and Rozzo’s automaton attacks those stuck in the swarm. Mira summons a thundercloud and one of the Guardians shoots some dust covering the invisible party members. Wayne and Dakota corner some Guardians, Varia slashes some more and Garth does some Black Tentacles as Sanara stabs some in the kidneys. With teamwork, the party finishes the battle.

They hear Cobalt Lightning’s voice, and he talks about how the future is bleak and how he has seen the end of the world. He talks about the zombies and the Blue King. He mentioned that the engine told him of the future. They try to convince him to keep the Blue Priestess at bay.
Though he admits that he’s not happy about supporting the Silotown Saviors after they betrayed him, he claims that there are far worse dangers now. He offers to give them a ride on his fast transit machine to Greasetown.

At midnight, they hear a story of the Blue King’s history and Ocular Superiority. The 5 dragons created a book that would seal the king at the bottom of the sea. They divided the book into 6 parts to 10 mortal knights to prevent the Blue King’s revival. But they were attacked by legions of monsters. Over time, the knights were warped by the monsters. They were transformed into Ocular Superiority by the Elder. The group decides to head to Hopcourt to get on the Fast Transit machine to get to Greasetown to find the yellow submarine.

We trounced the Guardians of Lore (or at least some of them), find out Ocular Superiority’s tragic origins, remake a temporary “truce?” with Kohan. We prepare to head to Hopcourt to fast travel to Greasetown.

Barrages and Barricades

Saturday Group: 3/12/16
In game date: 12/28

Under the door comes a plume of gas. As Hawk falls out of a tree outside, the champion, Lace, attacks her (claiming revenge for stealing her meat pies). Kreg finds out that the gas is someone in gaseous form. He throws a bomb at her feet. Lace keeps trying to grapple Hawk, but Hawk keeps managing to dodge and insulting her. Dale wakes up from the explosion and is pretty angry. Hawk sweeps Lace off her feet. Dale shoots a fireball at the gaseous form, and blows up the door. The group approaches the dwarf and she convinces the party not to kill her.
Dale finally blows up Diamond, who falls out of the mist.

As they start searching for Hawk, arrows keep flying and Harsk starts burning down the forest to lessen Hawk’s ability to hide. Lace, now tied by Gullycloak, threatens to reveal Hawk’s deepest secret. Dale finally covers her with Glitterdust and blinds her, as she shrieks in surprise. Grimsbone throws a rock at her face, which deafens her as well. She tries to escape with some flight spell, but the group plinks her dead eventually. Dale falls from the sky, having destroyed her and falls into Grimsbone’s arms.

As the battle ends, and up roar comes from the sky as the group hears the announcement that three more of the champions have been defeated in this skirmish. The group immediately begins looting the bodies, as is their way.

The group meets a monk who introduces herself as Betsy. They kill Diamond and Hawk, who join the ranks of the dead champions along Lothar, Zapp, Diesel, and Ice.

Oodles of Oozes

Wednesday Group: 3/2/16
In game date: 1/8

The opening to the cave narrows down very quickly. Mira immediately licks the ooze dripping from the cave. They immediately begin to slip down the tunnel. Several of them fall down into the water, surrounded by some oozes. The group separates into different groups. A gelatinous cube comes from the other hallway’s body of water as Kia slides down, an Earth elemental stops her from colliding into the GC. Sanara shoots at the tentacle holding Mira. Several more people attempt to break Mira free. Razzo’s car, ECTO, comes flying down the path and lodges itself into the ooze. Dakota saves Mira and climbs up the ramp.
They wrap up the battle.

They go under the water and Sanara disables the trap on the door. Dakota and some Water Elementals lift the door open and the group passes. In the new room, they see blue, iridescent tubes and paintings. The tubes open up and some oozes come out to attack the party. Sanara, Garth, and Dakota take out one with a combination of bombs, fauchard strikes and fire spells. Kia starts singing a song and ECTO attempts to daze the ooze. After all the oozes are defeated, they loot the corpses and discuss their options.

After Fenrir tosses Mira into a pool, something begins to stir. Garth mazes the new ooze into another dimension. They come across a ghost who attacks them upon learning they only want Pemberton’s stuff. Dakota smashes a magical wine bottle over the ghost’s head. Razzo captures it in his arm container.

As they open the tomb, the room starts flooding and they start hearing voices in the chimney above. There are enemies above that seem to know a lot about the party and want to attack the party.

TL;DR The party fights a bunch of oozes and swim in the depths of the tomb and find the magical items. As they leave, they hear enemies making battle plans to attack the party.

Holding Up in Harkenwold

Saturday Group: 3/5/16
In game date: 12/28

As Dale and Hatter are ambushed by a bunch of cavemen, Dale’s greasy skin shines with the crackling of electricity off his blade, murdering several cavemen. A bomb rolls out of nowhere through Dale’s legs, but it fizzles. Another bomb tumbles out and blows a hole in the hut. Some wounds erupt on Zalla and Grimsbone smacks her with a club. Harsk kills people and grows in size. Hatter throws some hats and the cavemen stare at him. Grimsbone loses his hearing. Dale finishes off the rest of the swarm as they crackle with electricity. Kreg appears out of nowhere and jabs a syringe into Dale’s leg.

Grimsbone smashes Zalla’s amulet. Gullycloak blinds her with his magical powers. The cavemen seem to be dazed and no longer hostile. Lothar and Zalla flee. Grimsbone smacks her in the head as she flees. Dale and Hatter begin to clothe themselves.

An eagle appears near Zalla at Gullycloak’s command and attacks her, tearing a chunk out of her neck. Hatter accidentally throws a hat on himself, causing a tentacle to sprout from his leg. Zalla channels some healing energy into her wounds. Lothar kills the eagle.

Dale, Hatter, and Kreg start heading their way to the hall. Gullycloak tries to convince Lothar not to fight them, but he replies that he was going to kill them anyway. Gullycloak attempts to blind Lothar, but he shakes it off. Harsk kills Lothar and Zalla and the group considers sleeping for the night.

During the night, someone tries to get in with various lame tactics. She throws some discs at Gullycloak, trying to poison him. The bomb drops and kills a few cavemen as the door pops open. They close it, but it opens up eventually as they make a plan. Immediately, another bomb drops and kills more cavemen. Harsk goes out and kills Zapp, but gets filled with arrows. They rebarricade the door after Harsk gets back in.

They hear that a Champion from the House of Sumac, is coming down, Lace. It is now 11:00 pm of 12/28.

Buggies and Bugbears

Wednesday Group: 3/2/16
In game date: 1/5-1/8

During the night, as Razzo drives, they hear a dune buggy roaring through the hills heading towards the NW. They track it to its campsite, and Razzo finds a ghost. Varia finds a little bunny that turns out to be a very powerful caster.

As they travel on the day of 1/6 and they come upon a bronze dragon. The bronze dragon, manages to get caught up in a sandstorm. As they come up on the camp, the group kills the bugbears for the dune buggy. Day 1/7. They eventually get rid of the buggies through the portal.

At the dawn of 1/8, they make it to Lord Pemberton’s tomb and decide to rest.


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