Wasteland Campaign

Death of Friend and Foe

Wednesday 10/26/2016
In-game date 1/20

As soon as Kreg’s injection takes effect, Qohan begins to convulse and scream in horror, “It’s a sin! It’s a sin!” Kreg tells Orin to go finish the battle, and that he has things taken care of with the once-intimidating Blue Dragon.

The group quickly mops up the rest of the Blue Priestess’ minions and manages to get her on the ropes. Gullycloak points out to her that they both want to revive the Blue King, albeit for vastly different reasons.

She laughs, claiming that our plan will never work, and teleports away from the battle. With no time to spare, a group of cloud giants comes down and tries to make a business deal for the woman we recognize as the Silver Owl. Gullycloak, still hyped on adrenaline, decides to kill the giants for trying to profit off slavery. Not that the rest of the group really disagreed with him.

The group talks with the Silver Owl after a quick skirmish and she reveals that Cuthbert’s Hammer will take a while to charge, due to the fact that this Engine is comprised of two parts: one on the surface and the other in orbit that must be perfectly aligned in order to fire. During that time, we’ll have to deal with all of the Blue King’s forces trying to kill Silver Owl. The group tries to see if they can just wait to activate the pages right before they fire the engine, but Silver Owl claims it could be difficult.

Further, she mentions that it will be difficult to get a vast navy to the island where Cuthbert’s Hammer lies due to the Blue King’s forces sinking most ships that cross any sea right now. The group discusses binding some air elementals to a ship to carry her and the Silotown Saviors to the island.

With this plan in mind, they try to trick Ocular Guardority into believing that an entity known as Supreme Ocular Guardority is trying to usurp his place as guardian of the pages. Unwilling to let the Silotown Saviors protect it without insurance, he dominates Luca to lay down his life for the pages. The Saviors quickly dispel the domination and swap the pages with some fake ones. O.G. comes back and the Saviors come up with a quick (and badly acted) bluff that Supreme Ocular Guardority got the pages and ran off with them to the island to the south. Enraged, O.G. disintegrates Luca for his failure and commands them to go retrieve the pages.

As they saw their friend collapse into a pile of dust, the Saviors knew this was the last straw. Ocular Guardority’s arrogance, disrespect, and insanity had always been begrudgingly tolerated as long as he protected the pages. But now he was no longer necessary, and further, he had killed one of the Saviors. Gullycloak, Orin, and Iona put down the monster with extreme prejudice.

With all of this in mind, the group decides to rest before beginning preparations for the end of their journey: Cuthbert’s Hammer.

Being Evil Sucks When Fighting a Paladin

Wednesday Group 10/18/16
In game date: 1/20

Gullycloak goes to meet Ichabod and requests items to get around the blacklist on Silotown.

Meera goes to O.G. to ensure he has plans if the Silotown Saviors get killed.

Sanara has rejoined the group after a brief absence, upset at the group for not helping her people, but understanding that a bigger problem takes priority.

On Gullycloak’s suggestion, the group decides to drillcar underneath the enemies’ meeting and blow the hell out of them. They stuff the car full of poison, alchemical explosives, highly concentrated whiskey, and other shrapnel, and set off the bomb from a safe distance.

The bomb goes off, taking out most of the armies except for two Elder Deep Ones, Zorbon, a few demons, the Blue Priestess, and Qohan himself. Gullycloak manages to briefly distract the Priestess by compelling her to rebuild the walls of Silotown, taking her out of the battle momentarily as she disappears.

As they come upon the area in the Cyclowhip, they are stopped hard by the punch of a Hezrou, a hulking reptilian demon. The Cyclowhip is heavily damaged, if not irreparably destroyed. Kreg releases the catapult, launching Iona like a bolt of lightning from Hieroneus’ own hand. She destroys Zorbon with one mighty swing of her longsword, cleaving him in twain as she humbly proclaims the might of her god.

Seeing this, Zorbon’s minions and summoned likeness surround her to avenge their fallen master. The Elder Deep Ones aren’t far behind. Sanara leaps to her aid, taking a few shots at the Vrocks surrounding Iona, piercing their screeching necks.

Kreg leaps on the Hezrou’s face and injects him with bombs as Grimsbone pummels the demon to death.

Orin, after a failed attempt to petrify the enemies and pelting Qohan with magic ice strikes, uses his magic to stop the demons, Qohan, and one of the Elder Deep Ones from taking any hostile actions against the party. Neutered, the Vrocks and the Elder Deep One retreat.

At this moment, the Blue Priestess returns and proclaims that her task has been completed and that the Saviors will no longer get in the way of the Blue King’s return. If she only knew the Savior’s plan. Gullycloak and Grimsbone step over the Hezrou’s burning corpse and approach her.

Seeing his options running out, Qohan’s smug facade breaks. Even having seen his eventual death in the Eldritch Machine of time, he shrieks, “Fuck the future,” and attempts to escape by burrowing through the ground. Kreg and Orin use their own resources to catch up to the cowardly Qohan. Kreg injects him with the same hallucinogen that Dale experienced in the jungle. Qohan’s pupils go wide and his mind is plunged into chaos.

Up above, Iona and Sanara are still toe-to-to with an Elder Deep One, while Gullycloak and Grimsbone confront the Blue Priestess.

While the enemies’ forces have been greatly reduced, a cornered beast is even more dangerous. The Silotown Saviors will have to be very careful when dealing with their most dangerous foe yet.

The Battle of 4 Armies

Wednesday Group 10/12/16
In game date: 1/15-1/20

We killed a bunch of people from Zorbon’s, Qohan’s, and the Blue Priestess’ armies.

Enemies on All Sides

Wednesday Group 9/26/16
In game date: 1/14-1/15

A cleric of Ing tries to take Kreg, claiming that his murder of a drug lord means that he must give up his own life in exchange. The group doesn’t take too kindly to that and combat begins. After a minor scuffle, the cleric agrees to talk to them in the morning.

Orin, Gullycloak, and Meera meet with the Northern soldiers and discuss where to house the vampires.

Meanwhile, Kreg follows the merchant cleric to Chez Kipp. He overhears the conversations they have and eventually goes to talk to Kipp. He follows the merchant cleric and manages to work out a deal to fix things up.

Orin, Gullycloak, and Meera go to protect some people that are coming from Gilded Dawn territory. They are pursued by vrocks sent by Zorbon, but Orin commands them to leave. They flee, promising to return.

In the middle of the night, an Elder Deep One appears. As they dispatch it and send it again to Qohan’s place, they learn that they have been hatching out of people, chest-burster style.

The Elder shows up and mentions that the historian capable of operating the Hammer of Cuthbert is coming. He tells them that the historian is an old relative of Morael and will show up on her own. She has the sign of a silver owl. If we ever see an omen of a silver owl, we are to go and rescue her.

In the morning, Gullycloak talks to Kreg and informs him that he’ll have to undergo a trial by combat to clear himself of this crime.

As the Saviors speak with Fenrir, the representative of Ing in Silotown, they agree that a champion from Ing will be summoned and Kreg should be able to clear his name at noon.

But with cultists on the horizon, Zorbon on their doorstep, and dragons not far behind, this trial is the least of their worries!

A Shaky Truce...
that Qohan immediately breaks.

Wednesday Group 9/21/16
In game date: 1/13-1/14

Surprisingly for the party, the group spares Qohan, threatening death and genocide to his whole family should he ever meet them again. They return to the car and drive until midnight, where they go through the portal. They return to Silotown and sleep.

Gullycloak teleports back to the treasure room and finds Qohan rallying all the blue and red dragons to attack Silotown. He convinces them to attack from slightly northwest of Silotown on 1/20, one week from today.

Gullycloak then teleports to King Coal and convinces him to bring an army to Silotown to protect against the dragon alliance.

A paladin, Iona, comes to the town, asking for the Silotown Saviors. She is brought into the town and told the rules. In the morning, she is introduced to the group.

A strange, scarred man claims to be from Zorbon and demands Chef Kipp and 100 creatures to eat in exchange for Zorbon’s mercy. The other Silotown heroes decide to take care of this job.

They also hear news from the north of cultists pursuing the caravans of Shao Khan. The group addresses the rest of the petitioners to help out with the battle in exchange for favorable consideration. Those petitioners decide not to join the battle.

The group comes upon the wagons being pursued by a bunch of crab-like creatures, and a horrifying abberation.

The group manages to fight off the creatures and rescue Shao Khan’s men. The drivers mention that the vampires were unable to join the battle considering the daylight.

Gullycloak charms the Elder Deep One and shadow-walks the creature into the middle of Qohan’s forces, before bamfing out of there.

But another large group of crab creatures, including another Elder Deep One, are hot on their heels! With the binding, they now have everything they need to summon the Blue King near the Eldritch Machine.
And with Qohan’s forces only a week away, what preparations will they make for the battles to come?

Red vs Blue... And the Silotown Saviors

Wednesday Group 8/31/16
In game date: 1/13

Fenrir is told by Mayor Hal about Kreg’s killing of a local merchant/druglord. He tells Fenrir that they need this problem to go away with money.

Gullycloak and Kreg manage to find a vantage point that hides them from the sky. They ultimately decide to kill Alekstrasa, without Qohan’s help as they do not trust her. They meet up with this horrific-looking dwarf who looks like he’s seen some rough days, named Stonecancer McVeigh. As the sky suddenly darkens, they see what looks like a truly monumental red dragon passing over and landing on the sand, suddenly disappearing below. Giving her enough time to bed down, the team makes pursuit.

As Fenrir uses his clairvoyant powers to see into the room, they teleport in to meet Qohan. They make an uneasy deal for the future as to whether they trust each other enough to not mess in the other’s affairs after they kill their mutual enemy. They head down the hall, apprehensive of the colossal dragon they saw earlier. They then unleash hell upon Alekstrasa, while Fenrir pops into the chest chained on her neck and wraps the book binding in his angelhide tent. Qohan’s lightning, Grimsbone and Stonecancer McVeigh’s pummeling, Kreg’s bomb injections, Gullycloak’s support, and Orin’s Anklyosaurus summon all did major damage, but Alekstrasa still breathed and seemed like she was about to wake up. But Meera waved her arms, a water elemental springing into existence and rushing up Alekstrasa’s nose to her unprotected brain, where it made of a slurry of what was once one of the greatest minds in existence.

Alekstrasa, bloodied and battered, slumps down for the final time, as she draws her last breath and collapses. The group breathes a sigh of relief as the powerful dragon died before waking up, as they would have been surely doomed had she woken in time to protect herself. They turn to Qohan, appraising the creature who has worked with and against them so much in the past two months.

Will the Silotown Saviors release Qohan and go on their merry way? Or will they betray Qohan before he betrays them?

Tracking Qohan to his Lair

Wednesday Group 8/24/16
In game date: 1/12-1/13

As the dragons set down on the illusion, the group attacks the dragons. After the dragons are all slaughtered, the group gathers up the corpses and take the boat back to Silotown. When they get back, they parade the corpses through town. Gullycloak talks to Orlaaz about ranged weapons for the Fire Guild. Kreg starts looking around the town to find out what’s going on in his constituency.

Gullycloak sets up the train beacon that Qohan left at Santa’s workshop. At midnight, they meet up with Meera in the desert (who tailed Qohan partway back to his lair.) Gullycloak travels through the Shadow Plane and manages to find the perfect vantage point for Qohan’s base.

Once the rest of the group catches up, they find a place where they can rest without being easily spotted and plan their reconnaissance.

Meeting Up with Qohan, again

Wednesday Group 8/17/16
In game date: 1/11-1/12

The group heads back to Silotown to meet up with the dwarves. They say they’ll head against the current, but Orlaaz created a motor to fix that problem. As they head out at night of 1/11, Meera gives the treasurepig some form of intelligence. As Hatter gives it a hat, another pig bites it on the neck and Gullycloak kills the new pig.

As they approach the coliseum, they hear creepy chanting that stops as Hatter rushes haphazardly towards it. As the group follows afterwards, a scorpion appears and attacks the Hatter. The Blue Sign shows up in the sky and infects everyone but Orin and Gullycloak. Orin catches the cultists in Black Tentacles, Slugtusk squirts some vaginal juice into the Scorpion and Kreg injects it with explosives. Hatter throws hats on three cultists and they gain new limbs and extra torsos. After they die, they set up watch.

During the night, Kreg sees a woman covered in Blue Signs. He explodes her head with his syringes. They find out during the night that one of the dwarves was a traitor and that the red dragons were coming at noon.

Qohan shows up and does a big info dump and tells them that Alekstrasa will be in his lair and will be asleep for 12 hours. The group argues over whether to trust Qohan (again), but decides to judge his worthiness as an ally by fighting alongside him in the fight with the red dragons in a few hours.

Enemy Enslavement

Wednesday Group 8/10/16
In game date: 1/11

Orlaaz gathers up the Hatter, Meera, and Slugtusk and takes them out to meet Kreg, Gullycloak, and Orin. As they meet up, Kreg starts to open the chest and finds a wealth of items, gold, and an orb reminiscent of the ones that could power the Engines.

The group spots a Salamander being sneaky in the sand. He sets off a flare and starts retreating. The flare seems to have become a heat vacuum and something is falling from the sky. The rest of the group gathers around the Cyclowhip as Orin chases down the Salamander, demanding to know what’s going on. The object crashes into the earth, spraying magma all around it. A bunch of creatures, including fiery dogs and a large giant come out of the object. The Saviors come up to the Fire Giant. The group goes back and forth with trying to get around the fact that Kreg secretly stole the orb from the chest before returning the chest to the Doomwake Cinders.

Eventually sensing that Kreg was hiding something, and provoked by Gullycloak’s arrogant claims of superiority, the Fire Giant began his attack with his Salamanders. Orin ambushed the Salamanders from invisibility, expecting this to happen. Kreg jumps onto the Fire Giant’s head and injects him with his trusty bomb syringe. Before the battle can get really heated, though, Gullycloak proclaims that the Cinders are nothing and banishes the Salamanders with a mighty burst of holy power from Ashava.

Faced with his entire gang either banished or paralyzed from the sheer weight of Gullycloak’s words, the Fire Giant submitted to the Silotown Saviors. The Hatter throws a hat on the Fire Giant and arcane symbols appear on his eyes and shooting strange beams out of his eyes, presumably to humiliate him further. Gullycloak demands that the Fire Giant give them everything in the chest and further, for him and the remainder of the Doomwake Cinders to swear fealty to the Silotown Saviors or suffer dire consequences. Humiliated and defeated in a matter of seconds, the Fire Giant retreats back across the wastes, admitting his newfound loyalty to the party.

As they divided up the loot, the group decided to head onwards to the lair of Alekstrasa, the red dragon, to retrieve the binding of the Blue Pages.

Bartering and Betrayal

Wednesday Group 8/3/16
In game date: 1/11

As they heal Ocular Guardority of his madness, they tell him that they are heading to fight the red dragon. A Catfolk bumps into Kreg and hands him a note, urging him to come to Chez Kipp. When they get there, they are led downstairs, where they see a crazy torture scheme to make different forms of food out of intelligent creatures. After the misunderstanding is cleared up, they are brought up to meet the catfolk and Sanara. She asks them to meet up and destroy the Doomwake Cinders pursuing her people.

The Elder tells them of an eldritch machine called Cuthbert’s Hammer that can kill the Blue King when he is summoned. But when it is used, everything there is dead, including magic itself. The island where it’s at, is so far south, that we’ve never been there before.

They start heading to the east, in order to try to mediate the situation with the Doomwake Cinders. Suddenly, the Cyclowhip breaks down and 3 triceratops appear out of nowhere and bullrush the vehicle. Gullycloak notices a scuffling near a rock and dispels the triceratops. Orin suddenly spots Garth and glitterdusts him to show his outline to everyone else. Garth summons some more triceratops and demands that they hand over the pages. As they beat the fudge out of him, he teleports away and leaves the triceratops behind.

After they defeat the triceratops, they go to meet Sanara’s tribe. Once they get there, they are greeted by many Catfolk of all ages in a cave. They ask if the Silotown Saviors will protect them from the Fire Guild and the Doomwake Cinders in exchange for an artifact they stole.

Gullycloak points out that Silotown has laws and the Catfolk will no longer be allowed to steal, also that protecting them would be in direct violation of their agreement with the Fire Guild. The group demands to see the artifact before promising anything, which the Catfolk disagree with (believing the Saviors will just murder them and take it). When asked why they got themselves into such trouble in the first place, the Catfolk reply that things that are so easy to steal deserve to be stolen. After Gullycloak threatens to murder them and take it anyway, the Catfolk reluctantly show them the box. Orin describes the aura as being similar to the orbs used for the Engines.

Gullycloak, Kreg, and Orin decide that the Catfolk still cannot come to Silotown as they are unrepentant thieves and liars. They will be allowed to go to another city unharmed. However, the group decides to bribe the Fire Guild into leaving the Catfolk alone, as they already have an agreement. If the Doomwake Cinders do not also back down, the group decides to take them out for the safety of the wastes.

TL;DR Ocular Superiority is healed of madness, they learn how to truly defeat the Blue King instead of just sealing him away, they make a deal to protect Catfolk in exchange for artifact, Garth betrays and attacks the group (proclaiming that humans have destroyed the wastes and that the Blue King can start it over anew).


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