Wasteland Campaign

Gemini Gets Gangstomped

Saturday Group 5/21/16
In-game date 1/1

Gullycloak wakes up Nitro and demands to know where they buried Grimsbone. Nitro claims that only Lazar knows and she’s dead now. They decide to track down Gemini. As they travel through the path, they are ambushed by some mushroom-headed creatures. They catch up to Gemini and pelt him with tentacles and stinking clouds. He vomits as he pleads for his life and gets pelted with arrows. As he dies, Gullycloak raises Lazar from the dead. They make a “promise” not to kill each other until they get to their destination. They get ambushed by ape zombies, but manage to avoid most of them. Lazar leads them back to the collapsed Castle Greyskull and says that she dropped the body down in the pits. Gullycloak manages to trick the pursuing zombies into digging a hole down into the pit once more to attempt to recover Grismbone’s body.

TL;DR We killed Gemini and Nitro and brought back Lazar because Gullycloak couldn’t let it go for like one day until we could sleep. So now we’re going down into the cave. Again.

Under the Sea

Wednesday Group 5/18/16
In game date: 1/10

As they blast through the water, they find that they’re heading to Coral Keep. As they go to their various stations, they learn that the submarine is powered by a water elemental. As they hear battle to the NE, they head towards it. As they travel, they find out that Varia is heading in the wrong direction and change her station. They come across the Blue Priestess’ colossal crab construct and send a torpedo into it. They ram into the room and fight the Aboleth when the Blue Priestess shows up. She talks mad shit but upon further inspection, she’s naught but an illusion. The S.K.U.M., caught up in Black Tentacles and nukes, don’t last long. As we set off more explosives, dominated Guardians of Lore jump into the sub with us. Upon attacking Orin, acidic blood shoots out and covers them (unfortunately, Bibwit gets caught in the crossfire). Saved from melting by Fenrir, Bibwit turns himself invisible and steps out of the fracas.

Having stumbled upon this threat for the first time, the Saviors seem to be struggling for their lives. Will they emerge triumphant or will they rot in a murky grave at the bottom of the sea?

The Magic Blighted Clearing

Saturday Group 5/14/16
In game: 1/1

As the group gets ambushed by the remaining champions, the Hatter and Dale crawl out of a pit, seemingly from nowhere (odd how they always show up at just the right time). Kreg, possibly spooked from near burial by his own bomb, skitters off into the woods. Hopefully he’ll show up again soon.

Nitro disappears almost immediately and begins pelting the group with arrows. Trying to control the situation, Roren lays down some tentacles and a stinking cloud to trap Blaze and Gemini. Blaze escapes and begins to attack Roren as Gullycloak, Reyes, and Dale try to locate and subdue Nitro. Suddenly, one of the Hatter’s infamous hats lands on Nitro’s head and suddenly the area is covered in some effect that suppresses magic. Roren and Blaze plummet to the ground and try to get out of the area of effect so they can kill each other. Hatter and Dale team up on Nitro, trying to kill her. Gullycloak desperately tries to revive Reyes, who has fallen victim to Nitro’s deadly assault, as he drags her out of the area of antimagic so he can heal her. Gemini, freed from imminent tentacle death and eternal nausea, flees into the woods. Roren manages to disable Blaze temporarily by causing his lips to be stitched together, sending his foe into intense confusion. Blaze rushes back into the antimagic field for backup and finds things have gone WAY south.

Reyes, revived, chases down Nitro (who realizes that now is the time to escape) and she tries to escape with Blaze, but is entangled in Gullycloak’s trusty net and she gets tied up. Blaze is captured, alive, as Gullycloak wishes to question him. Roren promises to Blaze for troubling them if he doesn’t give them any information about Grimsbone or the other Silotown Saviors’ whereabouts. Blaze quickly tries to weave a lie, trying to lead them into a trap, but Gullycloak sees through it and allows Roren the pleasure of eating Blaze. Dale is naturally appalled by Roren’s perverse glee, but Gullycloak and Roren reassure him that he is an enemy and dead already. Roren adds that it’s a waste of good meat. Dale warns Roren that he’s watching Roren for misbehavior, but the creep just cackles and goes back to his meal.

As they decide to rest in the antimagic field, knowing that it seems to be the safest place against the spellcaster champion, Gemini, Reyes offers to take watch so the spellcasters can regain their stamina. With Nitro unconscious and Blaze neutralized, only Gemini and the many dangers of the jungle remain before the search for the elevator pieces can really begin anew.

Shuffling Below the Shaft

Saturday Group 5/7/16
In game: 1/1

They journey down the hole in the skeleton hill, as Gullycloak refuses to believe that his comrades (and more importantly, Grimsbone) are dead. As Gullycloak traverses down the shaft, he manages to find himself surrounded by hordes of the undead. Managing to evade them, he realizes that the pit is a shrine to the Undead Prince, Orcus. He cries Grimsbone’s name out in vain, as the not-so-gentle giant is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Kreg, Roren, Slugtusk and Reyes explore the other path, finding naught but gross insects and a morally corrupting rope. In his haste, Kreg destabilizes a major load-bearing wall with one of his concoctions, and the building begins to collapse. As they realize what’s going on, the group rushes to escape the pit. Gullycloak gives one last look and prayer for Grimsbone before fleeing as well.

As they leave the hill pit, they are ambushed by the remaining champions all at once. Almost as if the contest was taking longer than anticipated and needed to be wrapped up for some cosmic reason beyond their control. What will happen next?

TL;DR We went down into Castle Greyskull, didn’t find anything, and got ambushed by the champions. Roll for initiative!

Losing the Leviathan

Wednesday Group 5/4/16
In game date: 1/9

As the group fights for their lives, they manage to release the latches, defeat the wand robots, and release the submarine. At the last moment, they manage to escape the leviathan. Worse for the wear, but still alive.

As they travel into the deep, what will the group find under the sea.

Leaky Leviathan's Lesson

Wednesday Group: 4/20/16
In game date: 1/9

As we move through the rooms, we fight more golems and install more parts on the submarine.

Varia rushes through the room full of depth of charges to the suppression bots room. In the submarine room, there’s a submarine, unsurprisingly. In the suppression bots, Fenrir is touched by a ghost. Varia, Bibwit, and Sanara are being stalked by another iron golem. In the submarine room, there is something moving in the water. The submarine room goes dark as the movement in the water stops. Rozzo decides to square off against the ghost. A clockwork leviathan blasts Varia, Bibwit, and Fenrir with steam. Some robots use their wand hands to attack the group. As the party falls to the enemies, Meera blows up the control room with a torpedo. This construct leviathan is fucking our shit up. One of the claws holding up the submarine falls away, leaving the submarine lurching forward.


Guitars and Golems

Wednesday Group: 4/12/16
In game date: 1/9

Orin and Fenrir shovel gold into their pockets as their friends are attacked by robots. Slugtusk hocks a loogie into the mismatched golem’s eye. Sanara manages to hotwire the room to get a tube to the torpedo room. A man stumbles his way into the dungeon, meeting Dakota, soon after meeting Sanara. A swarm of metal insects starts going after Orin and Fenrir. Slugtusk and Kia attack the golem. Dakota and Sanara slide through the ice-covered room while Granite falls on his butt. We attack some skeletons and wasps and such. We get a guitar, some drums. Sanara tries to convince Ghost George Martin that Kia is the greatest bardess ever.

As we move through the rooms, we fight more golems and install more parts on the submarine.

Boneshattering Baddies

Saturday Group: 4/9/16
In game date: 1/1

Hatter, Kreg, and Dale wander into the woods and meet some mushroom people. They are given some mushrooms and are told to eat them. They turn into mushrooms for an hour and meet up at a temple with a two-headed snake guy. They go on a dream journey to reclaim their sleep. They see many different areas showing them where the remaining pages are and where the parts of the elevator are. They also see where the dragons are enslaving dwarves to create huge weapons in the west. In the miles of gold in the hoard, they finally see the book that they’ve been looking for. The dragon blasts their incorporeal form with fire back into their bodies. Dale has a weird baseball dream that will leave him forever changed.

They catch up to everyone, cross the gorge, and see Lazar at the bridge waiting for them. Also with her is a thick, stocky dwarf named Tower. She challenges Hatter to one on one combat, but Tower is a dick and attacks Kreg. Kreg poisons him with hallucinogenic venom and Gullycloak shatters his bones. Gullycloak licks Lazar and she erupts in wounds. Hatter throws a hat on Tower and fingers erupt from his mouth. Lazar dies and falls over the side of the bridge, and Reyes falls to Tower’s barrage. Reyes comes back to life. Dale and Kreg go down. But a hat lands on Tower’s head, and he falls in love with the Hatter. As he proposes to Hatter, Gullycloak and Reyes kill Tower.

Nitro, Gemini, and Blaze are still out there. How many champions are left at this point? Getting kind of ridiculous.

TL;DR, Hatter, Kreg, and Dale find out more about the pages. They meet up with Gullycloak, Reyes, and Roren. They kill Lazar and Tower (who fell in love with Hatter. Seems to be a recurring theme.)

Robots and Keys
Getting Lazy with Multi-Session Dungeon Names

Wednesday Group: 4/6/16
In game date: 1/9

They head into C2 which has tons of shelves. Some wasp constructs take the laser off after Fenrir presses the install button. A golem starts attacking the party and the party splits up to explore and defeat the golem. They go into another room and an alarm goes off, alerting more robots. Blah blah blah, we go through more rooms. In the meantime, we set off some flares and hurt ourselves and Dakota sets a robot free from his control. A giant minotaur attacks the party and Orin and Fenrir split the party to try and get as many keys as possible.

TL;DR We got more keys and fight more robots.

Jungle Japes

Saturday group: 4/2/16

In-game date: 12/28-1/1

They come across a skull-like cavern and sleep in a hole. Gullycloak warps away to sleep in town. During the night, a woman attacks Grimsbone with a barrage of arrows. After being threatened by Grimsbone's throbbing cock, she runs away across the treetops. Grimsboner grapples the woman and slams her into the branches. Betsy wakes up and recognizes the woman as Lazar. She goes back to sleep. Harsk, Betsy, and Grimsbone get stabbed and die horribly.


Back in Silotown, Gullycloak meets Roren and Reyes, who are from the North Kingdom. They pop back, after being filled in on the situation. They try to make their way back to Harsk, Betsy, and Grimsbone, because Gullycloak thinks something is wrong. Deftly avoiding tornadoes, they head over. They come across swarms of army ants and a t-rex. Roren manages to put the t-rex to sleep and it gets devoured by army ants. The champion controlling the t-rex flees, knowing that his protection is gone. Reyes masterfully jumps the gorge, and Gullycloak makes it across as well. 


TL;DR Harsk, Grimsbone, and Betsy get killed by Lazar as Dale, Hatter, and Kreg wander off into the forest again. Gullycloak meets Roren and Reyes. Temporary clash with Gemini, another champion.


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