Wasteland Campaign

Is it a kind of dream? Floating out on the tide, following the river of death downstream?

Gullycloak, Harsk, Dale, Kipp, Grubb, Luca, and two new to towners, a young girl named Mira and her pet dinosaur, and a large half-giant named Karoach, all take the barge left by the southern supplicants and travel south along the river. They hear from a river bard about Rat town, and decide not to stop. When they arrive in Ricetown they develop a plan to take down Bright Eyes and her Grimlock gang. Gully drops darkness on the group to avoid seeing her, and then the gang drops the rest of the grim locks into the moat where a hungry bunyip awaited. A few members of the party are turned into stone as the medusa emerges from the water. The remaining team finishes off the grimlocks as bright eyes flees the scene.

What's in the hole?

After the group heard petitions from several persons visiting silotown. Water guild fighters, emissaries from rice town and turtle town, bard Ross, and motorbike merchant. The group consisting of Orlaaz, Fenrir, Wayne, Nightwing, Lyra, Sanura, Whisper and Kreg headed out to the gnome pit. They came across a large band of Tieflings and dealt them a strong serving of silotown justice. After cleaning up the campsite, the group venture down into the demon infested gnome hole.

Moonriders vs. The Fingers

After a narrow escape from a sand spider where the members of the stone guild were mercilessly devoured, Kipp, Harsk, Luka, and their new friends Dale, and the Mysterious Frog Cleric returned to Silotown. After a night of rest the party heads out to the fingers lair with the hope of pitting the Fingers against the Moon Riders who appear to be nearing Silotown.

After Arriving at the Fingers Lair Orlaaz and Kipp convince the goblins that they will be able to travel to the promised never never if they slay the Minotaur Horde. The goblins agree and Kipp races back to Silotown to open a portal before the Moonriders attack.

Kipp is successful and the goblins pour through the portal and swarm the Moonriders. After a protracted battle only two Minotaurs and about 30 Goblins remain. The party then begins to reinforce the goblins and succeed in taking down the remaining Minotaurs before destroying as many of the remaining goblins as possible.

The remains of the battlefield is littered with treasures that are hauled back to Silotown to be divided among the party.

Recovery after the storm

A massive dust storm covers a large patch of the Wasteland. It seems everyone is drawn to the beacon of the gambling den covered in lights. Seymour and Grub stumble in and take cover from the weather. They are briskly greeted by a hooded figure introducing herself as Nightwing. She is looking for Dak, and is informed that Dak has passed. This brief conversation tickles the ears of a few others in the bar. Jerrica, Sanura Mihin, and some creepy dude who just giggled and repeated everything Nightwing said. He ordered some cotton candy from Halftom Cruise the barkeep.
After a little bit of catching up and introducing this new band decided that they were all seeking somewhat the same thing. The very same thing that happened to show up just moments later. The prison caravan.
The plan was hatched to lure the remaining guards from their post and free the captives. Sanura Mihin made quick work of 2 of the drooling fella’s. Grub lead the charge against the remaining 3. The freedom of Raven, Kreg, Luca, Lyra, Shimdot, and Mogli was celebrated by all!
The knocked out guards were sent out into the storm with the carriage and horse and the party took an escape through the portal.
It seems like the enemy list for Silo town was growing every day. Now Trefflyn sought payment for the aggression delivered previously. This conversation was shortened by the arrival of a Creature of Nightmares. Defending Silo on the tops of its walls was the perfect demonstration of intention we could offer.
We can only hope that in the long run, we can bring good here.

Late night smackings turned bloody

It’s the morning of the Lotto and Den arrives from Silo. The early morning risers begin to explain to him about the upcoming contest and the structure of Trefflyn when the late night party arrive.
Kreg, Dak, Wilven, Harsk, and Luca have to explain that they did a little upper Trefflyn vandalizing and perhaps there might be some sour rich folk. This was indeed confirmed by the Barkeep Aggie. He informed us that there was indeed some mayhem and the blame was landed on a dwarf and elf who have now forfeited their home in the nice life.
After a tour of the competition pit, Faylynn gives Dak and Den a tour of the box seats. This somehow leads to a squabble between Den and the Towns Mayor. Next thing anyone knows is: 1) Riots on the streets 2) Harsk is dog-piled 3) A body count grows 4) A prison town caravan was formed.
I will not list the dead here on this publication so that the families may mourn in private.

Trefflyn and it's ranks.

Weary from a rough travel across the desert, our adventurers arrive at the foothills of Trefflyn. Only a couple days travel left. Late the first night, Lulu gets a sweet song about the region from the Pet Shop Keytarist. A Thunderguild merchant avoids hostile bartering from Lyra and foul mouthing from the early morning drunk Lulu.

On the second day we encounter an entourage of slimy creepo’s (Morloks) standing over the dead bodies of cobalts. We ambush. Seymour pulls off a somersault Ken Griffey move, and Lyra binds them all to the ground.Many Morloks retreat in their underground carriage. A few are left for questioning and we get our hands on a fancy (draconic) mystery chest. Raven questions the captured and discovers that they are servants to the Occular Supperiority. Izzy seems to know much about this, but I didn’t understand it. It might also be noted that Kip is no simple goblin.

Arriving at Trefflyn, there is a large door at the entrance. It is operated by a large slug with man hands. Sluggy man hands. We are quickly informed that the lottery is an optional endevour and our organs will not be at risk. We see Dak and Harsk with their wounds and new friend Faylynn, a halfling from upper Trefflyn.

We trek to the Inn, the only suitable building that we can see in the muddy mess of a slug fest. Aggie, the Barkeep has info about our sought Allistar, but he is withholding it for help in the following days Lottery. He describes the lottery as a contest of entrants who wish to risk their station in life for a better one. The winners keep themselves out of the slug farms and brick making lives and bring themselves closer to living in upper Trefflyn.

Upper Trefflyn is visited by Dak and Kreg. They are invited by the inhabitant Faylynn. They enjoy the wonderful lush and bountiful city for the day and get the idea that this exclusive place is certainly a nice place to be. Mara, the single servant in Trefflyn, has been favored by its residents as the hopeful champion of the lottery. The fancy folk intend to sponsor her and aid her climb to the top of the pit. She will then earn a spot living among them in this Luxurious location.

Raven seeks books and finds a merchant that sells her a history book. Izzy finds his ego bruised. Harsk seeks aid for his sapped strength, and finds himself in dealings with a Tornado Guild merchant. After some wild displays of public masturbation and the threat of fucking a jeweled owl, Harsk finds himself nearly as weak as before, but with a few extra gold pieces in his pocket.

*2 days time passed

That night, while resting up in the hotel, a few of our group were awakened by a Dwarf, Thinzad Balsterbeck. He had a scheme, a map, and little reward promised…..

The sun rises the next day, and one by one, the late night party returns after a long and sleepless night.

Harsk and Dack go on a adventure.

Harsk and Dack set out for Truffula Trees with Shimdot. We discover a broken wagon that fell off the path and spend the night. Dack discovers a secret compartment with stuff in it.

The next day we see a jumping halfling who yells about snakes attacking. Dack shiskabobs the snakes who appear to be flaming. The Halfling hires us to investigate a ruin we accept and head to the ruin. Bear skeletons! Halfing down, Dack down we make it into the hole and Dack is back up.

We headed into the hole and begin to investigate the seemingly empty dungeon. Dead guy at the bottom of the stairs. Plant Zombies they are dead then a barb makes Harsk weak and we struggle up the stairs and use the portal to return to the group.

Traveling is a bitch in the Wasteland

We all arrive back in SiloTown to deliver our Lumber goods. No sign of Allistar, though we know he is attempting to reach Trefflin – A wasteville crammed in the mountains to the North East. Izzy suspects that Upper Trefflin might be a more affluent area. Hal gladly accepts Lady Ariel and her Bardess’ into the SiloTown family. This is a great improvement from their previous home at Hotcourt.

Relaxing for 5 days, Dak licks his wounds, Kreg finishes the Riverside filtration system, Lulu brews a batch of dwarven beer, Izzy and Raven hang with the Hotcourt bards learning new bard tales, Raven tickles Le-annne’s heart, but can’t seal the deal, Whipser finds the old people and learns more history.

The gang heads northbound with Blago and Shimdot (the town help). We want to find Allistar. Not too long after the departure, we encounter Spiders. They are squashed with small difficulty. The hungry Chicagan’s cross our path and we send them to SiloTown for rest and food. We met Sphinx the sphinx at the end of the sandstorm, and engaged in a riddle battle. We did not lose, yet, we did not win. We went on our way unharmed. Yetgot the minstral passed by and sang us a song about Allistar and his struggling trip northeast.

Late one night we overhear another campsite. It is a bike gang of Minotaurs and Goblins. Kreg dressed up as a goblin and tried to infiltrate the camp with very small success. The angry gang rev’ed up and went searching for the infiltrators. The remainder of the gang was found and paid tribute to the Moonriders. Izzy slept scared in a hole. Den wasnt around to get a Moonrider tattoo.

When the gang returned to their camp, they set off the landmine left by Kreg. With the death of a few, they rode of in anger toward Grimstub.


Dack's Foot Fetish

Last Time:
The group trades a small portion of their wood for some meaningless possessions in lumber town. They begin riding down the river on the logs and are joined by Ariel and the wet dress brigade. They meet Rex Mandy, the Dog headed. Harsk promises a service to the ball lightnings. Dack pays for Harsks debt. Pepoka dances on a log. Everyone seems to dislike her. Harsk wants to kill her for taking what she needed from others. Kinda Ironic. Leopold from the thunder hates dwarves. Den gets some ink and paper. We arrive at the dang hole and smokey kobold chaos ensues, it’s real smokey ya’ll. Wilven steps aside to get real smokey. Skeleton poker chaos ensues. Slime foot chaos ensues. Red glass balls. Kobold statues, and our new friend Luca is turned into stone. Whoops. Den sets off a bunch of killy traps. Double Whoops. We find some stuff in the lab! Ray gun? Wait. what the hell? A Ray Gun? There is a control panel, and a… NO! FUCK THAT! A RAY GUN!!!

Carrion Grant

the group leaves the dang hole with a stinky trader named P something. Festival at lumber town. They meet and capture a giant vulture, Den names him Carrion Grant. They survive a sandstorm, harsk makes a slashy slash at a member of the ball lightning merchants. We get a lovely performance by a river rat thespian. We arrive at lumbertown. Giant heavy metal river roller. Den makes friends with the heavy metal goats, Kregloski stays up all night mixing potions, dack gets a sweet new sword. The next morn the group kicks major hardcore ass at the lumber jack games. Everyone is super impressed by the performances. Lulu gets lucky with big Tom. Everyone enjoys hearty portions of hawk speagle. Black corpse and Den make buds.

Last time.


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