Wasteland Campaign

Morlocks in a Mud-Fight

Wednesday 8/9/15
In-game date 11/13-11/16

As they return to Silotown, they learn that a half-dragon has come to give his report. Static electricity clicks off his skin. He mentions that the enemy has air troopers, about a dozen riding Thunderclutch beasts. Large, scaly. Two men per animal, half-orcs. 6 triceratops, with three orcs on each. A Colossal one on the ground. 20 deinochyus, half-orc riding each. 6 seemed to be troop transports, probably anklyosaurus (three men each). Two stegosauruses. Two scorpions. 6 powerful orcs riding bipedal dinosaurs. And Dak’Thar himself, riding a T-rex?

The group starts working on plans to fight Dak’Thar, like pit traps/bomb traps. The group does various things like send a note about a potential infiltrator in Silotown and Gilded Dawn has infiltrated the other party, reading, etc.

Morlocks attack the town while Sanara and Garth are asleep, so it takes them time to join the battle. The battle rages on until almost all of the Morlocks are dead. Kreg explodes the magician in the drill car. Sanura and Orlaaz fight for their lives in the other drillcar as Garth summons Earth elementals to pummel the remaining Morlocks outside. Sanura attempts to convince the magician to resurface. But the magician rigs the drillcar to explode and escapes via Dimension Door. Sanura follows and chops off his arm.

Orlaaz attempts to find a way to get the drillcar not to explode. He succeeds and tries to learn to drive the drillcar.


Thanks Matt

Morlocks in a Mud-Fight

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