Wasteland Campaign

On the road to Tallus

Saturday Group 8/22/2015
In-game date 11/11-11/15

As Harsk, Kipp, Knock-Knock and the devil family have a wonderful day of conversing and eating, including a book about manipulating people that seemed abhorrent at first but slowly made more sense being read to Harsk by some devil children. Luca joins the party by entering through the portal and has a lovely time as well.

Razzo and Gullycloak attempt to help Dale through his paralysis and investigate the commotion upstairs. As they do, they come upon a creature doing battle with the devils that had attempted to press them into servitude of killing bards. It had killed Birdpip easily and sent the little ones screaming from the room with its blinding light and fire. It questioned the two remaining, demanding to be sent back to its home plane from where it had been summoned. However, Gullycloak talked him down and promised to send him home after Dak’Thar had been dealt with. After gathering up the various treasures and destroying the unholy books, they left with the newly dubbed Flashlight Jyoti once the firestorm ended and met up with the others.

They head to Tallus before heading to Luxury District. Gullycloak spends his nights doing something secretive and shady and Flashlight Jyoti heads to Silotown and Razzo bathes him in the light from his machine so he won’t feel so homesick for the Postive Energy Plane.

On the way they meet a hobo woman bard who tells them about Ocular Superiority being in Tallus, and that Luxury District has been overrun w/ rats and tigers and monsters of the night. And that Ocular Superiority cannot stop it for some reason.

At this point, they are one day away from Tallus.



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