Wasteland Campaign


It’s a long one

Timeline: 50 years AQB, several days pass (then we hop timelines)

Ketyl’s POV

As we screeched to a halt, our two druids and Lyc (sobbing profusely) disappeared and were replaced by Korbin and Cheera in a rush of darkness.

We decided to rest for the night after that terrible battle. Dan forged a note from the Kobolds claiming that they were completely safe. I also learned a startling, yet ultimately very anticlimactic revelation about Dan’s true Elven name.

We opened the train cart door to find a massive metal wall with lasers and fire-spewing dragon heads. We tried to send Dan in, flying and invisible, to get past the defenses, but he was nearly shot out of the sky. The others went to the front door and had much better success. Once we explained the situation, we were taken to a decontamination station to prevent infection by worms. As we were passing through a morbid trophy room, we learned that the entire town was run by a copy of one of the Saviors’ mind, Orlaaz’, which controlled the defenses and all the robots we saw through a massive mainframe. Apparently, the plague and the wars had killed most of the Saviors and all the townspeople, leaving only robots and a few Saviors left.

Eventually, we asked to see Gullycloak, but were directed to a ghastly skeletal Devil-like creature known as Roren. I had heard of his sexual depravity, but it was even creepier than I had imagined. He told us he would help us secure a meeting with Grimsbone, Gully’s enforcer, in exchange for Korbin’s help in finding a “sub” that would stay with Roren for 2 years for… well, you know. They signed a contract that would take effect in any timeline in 30 days if Korbin didn’t fulfill his vow using their blood.

Soon, we were whisked off to a meeting with Grimsbone, who demanded a trial by combat in order to meet Gullycloak. After we passed the trial, we met Gullycloak, and he didn’t recognize us. After some convincing, he gave us two possible choices on were to go next.

He told us that the plague came from Morael, and that Gullycloak had been searching for info of the location of Morael’s phylactery, but that it had burned in a fire in a library 15 years ago (in 35 AQB) and he gave us the coordinates. If we could find out where the phylactery was, we could go back further in time and then destroy it so that the plague would never happen.

He also told us that the greatest bard of all, Ziggy Stardust, could have more information for us to go on, but that he had disappeared without a trace 25 years previously (in 25 AQB).

He then gave us the location of Orin’s digging site where the time machine was supposedly buried, before Gullycloak collapsed of undisclosed illness and died before ascending to become Ashava’s right hand. He told us that he would go back in time to inform us of our destiny the first time, giving us a nice little time loop.

We then headed to Orlaaz’ workshop, where we were given a hot air balloon that ran on hair for some reason. We also got a few of his prototype inventions, including a megaphone for me so that I could spread my song to a wider audience. Talk about lucky. So we travelled for a few days to the dig site and met up with Orin.

He seemed very confused, so I guess this was the first time in his timeline that he met us. After we explained the situation, and that he would probably be stuck in the time machine forever in order to save the world, he reluctantly agreed to help us.

Finally, we decided that we would go to 34 AQB, or one year before the library would burn down, to give us more time to find the info. We climbed into the machine, and off we went!



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