Wasteland Campaign

Second Wave

(So, I skipped the first wave because I lost the notes. Spoilers: it was a lot like this one, but with Elder Deep Ones instead of the creature described here.)

Wednesday Group 12/07/2016
In game date: 1/22

As they see the creatures appear through the mist, Meera screeches, unleashing a cloud of death upon the creatures. Kreg starts divebombing the creatures. Iona and Kipp attack the last group when a giant worm-like creature flies at the party. Some of them recognize it as a neothelid that attacked them before Garth sacrificed himself (though he seems to have joined the Blue King since then.) Kreg and Iona leap through the air and attack the neothelid. Orin and Meera summon an octopus and tyrannosaurus, which also attack the neothelid. Meanwhile, Kipp retreats into an extradimensional space for some reason, occasionally popping in and out to fire off a spell. Eventually, the neothelid falls.

Meanwhile, one last group of boggards manages to scale the wall of the tower and reach Silver Owl. Orin hurriedly covers the area in glitterdust, accidentally blinding Silver Owl and Meera along with the enemies. The Saviors manage to take out the last few before Silver Owl is hurt.

So close to destruction, and it’s only the second wave. Can the group survive another eight waves of the Blue King’s forces?



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