Wasteland Campaign

The Blue King's Sixth Wave

Wednesday Group 01/11/2017
In game date: 1/22

Gullycloak returns with Dale in tow as well as some strange devices that he sets up at the corners of the tavern. They seem to be able to be used as traps.

Void dragons show up and blast the party with cold blasts of air. Gullycloak entangles them with some horrifying dark lightning bolts, while Orin burns the dragons with sheets of fire. Iona charges one of the dragons. Kipp blasts some fireballs and Sanura fires off some arrows while Meera cackles.

As the group systematically takes down the twisted creatures, they begin to breathe easier. And yet, a twinge of uncertainty goes through their minds. Where is the Blue Priestess in all of these waves?



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