Wasteland Campaign

The Fall of a God

Wednesday Group 02/15/2017
In game date: 1/22

Silver Owl confesses a great secret: The Elder double-crossed them, to nobody’s surprise. He planned to have Silver Owl rig the machine to prevent them from teleporting away. If she survives without doing this, the Saviors will still have to protect her from the Elder.

Garth begins reading the Blue Pages. As the Blue Priestess shows up with her army, Gullycloak teleports down and ShadowWalks one of her more powerful subordinates away. Orin blows up the Deep Ones with fire. As Kreg begins an awesome divebomb attack, he suddenly begins to panic.

The Blue Priestess burns the Saviors with unholy flame, knocking Silver Owl and Meera unconscious. Dale, Iona, and Grimsbone gang up to punch on the Blue Priestess. Winston takes down one of the halfling twins with his bow. Kreg recovers from his panic with some soothing words from Meera. Kreg explodes one of the twins, leaving behind pants full of shit. With the power of her holy conviction, Iona cuts down the Blue Priestess, plunging it into her heart. As Garth finishes the last page, the sky rumbles. Impossibly large blue tentacles crack through the skies as the Blue King returns. His tentacles smash at the party, grasping Dale.

Wade, the former Guardian of Lore, fires some arrows to save Dale. The group manages to teleport away, leaving the insane Garth behind, but saving Silver Owl. Off in the distance, they see ocean disasters, warped creatures turning back to normal. They see a bright light hundreds of miles away and a humongous mushroom cloud settles in the distance. As the dust settles, and the Deep Ones revert to human form. A sigh of relief comes over the crowd in Silotown, finally everything is over.

Kreg and Silver Owl show up in the Temple of the Iron Monks. Kreg retrieves the box from his arm and frees the former abominations into the light.

Ziggy congratulates them and assures them that the bards of the wastes will speak of this forever. With that, he disappears in a puff of glittering smoke.

Kreg takes Silver Owl by the hand and invites her to eat at a local tofu hot dog stand. She lovingly accepts as they walk off.



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