Wasteland Campaign

Titans of the Tower

Wednesday Group 11/23/2016
In game date: 1/22

As they head down south in the hot air balloon, they see countless aquatic creatures walking on the land. Ziggy gives them a bedtime story. After everyone is asleep, Orin asks Ziggy of his knowledge of the space between the stars. He replies that the Blue King is one of many creatures that draw their power from that place. Further, the Blue King is a pissant compared to the other denizens of the Dark Tapestry.

In the morning, Kipp prepares a fabulous feast, though of what, nobody can say. Suddenly, some winds blow the balloon out of control. Kipp, Sanara, and Orin manage to jump out and land on some solid ground. As the fog clears, they see an alien-looking tower. They see a whale corpse surrounded by small Deep Ones, and Kipp annihilates them with a fireball.

Suddenly, they are attacked by cultists in the tower. Kipp obliterates a tower full of cultists. A cleric targets them with fireballs from an open platform near the top of the tower, a Hezrou is summoned in front of Sanura . An archer suddenly screams in horror and jumps off the tower to his death and splats headfirst into the ground. The cleric does her best to take out the group, but Orin and Sanura team up to knock her out. Kipp mops up the rest, including the summoner with a few well-placed fireballs.

As they begin to prepare for the battle to come, a dull thundering begins to echo from the mist at the shore of the island. The apocalypse is fast approaching. The Saviors have but one choice: cancel the apocalypse.



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