Eldar Blue Dragon. Lord of the Hampton area until slain by Princess Rihann (Age of Dragons)


Eldar Blue dragon. Ruler of the area around Hampton until slain by Princess Rihann.


52 BR-The War of Remembrance-Rihann returns to Hampton with her strong army of humans dwarves and elves and her powerful magical artifacts. In the name of Doradon she attacks Blue strongholds with great fury and scores several decisive victories in the first year. Enraged at the loss of so many of his kin, The Blue Elder, Kalan, engages Rihann forces directly, believing it to be impossible that a mere human knight could be able to defeat an ancient dragon. This arrogance proves his undoing, and in the decisive battle Rihann meets and slays Kalan in single combat.The remaining Blue flee, and Hampton is at last free.

51 BR-Richard grants a boon to each of the kingdoms and houses that aided Rihann after the fight. While most of the requests are mundane, the leader of the Elvish faction, Morael, fifth in line for the throne, but the most gifted wizard of his age, has a special request. He asks for the corpse of Kalan. Rihann vigorously protests, as from her quest she distrusts the motives of Morael, but Richard overrules her objections and grants the request. Morael never returns to report to Aeowel III, and disappears, along with the corpse. He instead Leaches the corpse to give himself powerful magic items and establish his own fiefdom.


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