Evil elf magic-user - Leacher of items - Lich King (Age of Dragons-???)


Used the magic of leaching to build a terrible empire of necromancy. A villain of the ages who eventually becomes a lich and a major power throughout the continent.


51 BR-Richard grants a boon to each of the kingdoms and houses that aided Rihann after the fight. While most of the requests are mundane, the leader of the Elvish faction, Morael, fifth in line for the throne, but the most gifted wizard of his age, has a special request. He asks for the corpse of Kalan. Rihann vigorously protests, as from her quest she distrusts the motives of Morael, but Richard overrules her objections and grants the request. Morael never returns to report to Aeowel III, and disappears, along with the corpse. He instead Leaches the corpse to give himself powerful magic items and establish his own fiefdom.

39 BR-The Elvish Wizard Alagar (secretly Morael) comes into the council of Daegon, and advises him to forge an alliance with the largest local power in the area, Hoagen II and his remaining forces. In meeting between the three, offers them key to power sufficient to destroy hobgoblins and destroy the Gold, the secret of “Leaching”. The two kings, consumed by a desire for vengeance, agree to this. Shortly thereafter a message is sent to the leader of the Brass Dragons Bragazor, offering for Derenzor to return to draconic control but requesting a meeting.

Year Zero- The evil Wizard Morael rules a huge number of orcs, goblins, and other evil creatures from his network of caves in the Fangrel Mountains as he plots against his former Elvish brethren.

41-560 – The crusades. Roland II declares that those of the established nobility may request of the Grand Wyrm leave to conduct a crusade against a being or group who by their very nature are evil and threaten peace such as Vishara, Morael, The Red flight and the remaining tribes of Sesarek. As an incentive for nobility to do this, it is deemed acceptable to engage in Leaching a fallen foe in these, and only these crusades.

561-The Night of the Living Dead-The evil wizard Morael unveils his master plan and attacks the kingdoms of men. He had spent the past three hundred years putting clerics of the Cult of Nerull in place in towns over burial grounds and infiltrating nobility with those drawn to the power of necromancy. Reading astrological signs, he predicts the passing of a comet which shines bright green in the night sky, and uses it as a signal for his many sleeper agents to raise their undead armies and begin a massive undead attack. Simultaneously, he unleashes armies of orcs on Rekthar and Tempex. The finite armed forces of the Kingdoms of man are stretched thin extremely quickly and many townships are overrun. Appeals are sent to the dwarves and elves for assistance. These appeals are rejected, as both races had long sought to avoid involvement in human affairs beyond limited trade.

562-The Fall of Oldmar-Undead are able to conquer their first major holding, the Lozeroth capitol of Oldamar. This happens as the few hundred knights, sorcerers, and clerics of the realm are spread over hundreds of miles attempting to protect smaller townships from destruction. This prompts the elves to action, as the current Wizard Queen Thel’alas recognizes the potential for her grand uncle Morael to overrun the realms of man. She assemlbes an elite band of warriors to assault Morael’s keep directly. Meanwhile, the Grand Wyrm Argus II declares a general amnesty for non noble men to take up arms and prepare themselves to defend their homes directly.

564-The Defeat of Morael-Dwarves enter the fray after seeing the destruction their undead are causing, and between them and the newly formed human militia, they are able to stem the tide of undead. The Northern Kingdom and Tempex eventually push back the orcs after recovering from their surprise attacks. Thel’alas is able to push into Moraels stronghold, where she defeats him in single combat and kills him. He ultimately survives as a lich, but his power is broken and his forces are crushed.

787 AR- Morael continues building a formidable undead army.


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