Princess Rihann

Great warrior. founder of the "leaching" process (Age of Dragons)


Daughter of King Richard. Stole the secret of leaching from the red dragons, worked with the elves to learn the secrets of the technique, and ultimately became the most powerful warrior of her time by defeating the ancient blue dragon Kalan in single combat.


67 BR- The Quest of Princess Rihann-In Hampton, the aged King Richard is unable to mount any resistance to the Blue dominating his territory. His heir and Daughter, Rihann, strikes out on her own to try to find some type of aid or knowledge that will help her liberate her kingdom. While the quest is initially fruitless, after a year Rihann comes across an old wiseman, The Elder who lets her know about secret lore held by the Elder of the Red Flight which could grant her incredible power. Rihann appeals to the dwarves for aid, who relish the idea of thwarting the ambition of the blue dragons and stealing from the red without having to aid the Silver Flight. They grant Rihann access to their armory, give her a small retinue of elite warriors to escort her party through the maze of tunnels leading back into the Seascape Peaks. With this aid, her human/dwarven party is able to sneak in, steal the knowledge prescribed, and escape. (The Elder is in fact the Rakshasha in disguise, who coordinated the knowledge being leaked with the Red Dragon). Rihann takes this knowledge to the Elven Wizards to try to interpret what can be done.

58 BR-The Sacrifice of Doradan-After a year and a half of study, the elves and Princess Rihann come to a huge breakthrough with their research. They find that the text they have stolen detail how to use the blood of dragons or other powerful magical creatures and extraplanar beings to infuse their magics into powerful magic items. Rihann finds this to be detestable, and suggests that they destroy what they have found. At this time, the silver Elder, Doradan, having received word of what was happening, and undergoing terrible remorse for what has happened to his kingdom and dozens of his offspring, willingly offers himself as a sacrifice to the ritual. His blood is extremely old and powerful, and the ritual, named “Leaching” allow the dwarven and elvish smiths present to make several extremely powerful magic artifacts, although at the cost of Doradan’s life. These include a sword, a shield, armor, a belt, a helmet and boots which grant her immense magical protection and abilities.This equipment and Princess Rihann’s considerable skill make her the most powerful warrior ever seen. Although saddened by the immense cost, Rihann strikes out towards her homeland to reclaim it from the Blue.

52 BR-The War of Remembrance-Rihann returns to Hampton with her strong army of humans dwarves and elves and her powerful magical artifacts. In the name of Doradon she attacks Blue strongholds with great fury and scores several decisive victories in the first year. Enraged at the loss of so many of his kin, The Blue Elder, Kalan, engages Rihanns forces directly, believing it to be impossible that a mere human knight could be able to defeat an ancient dragon. This arrogance proves his undoing, and in the decisive battle Rihann meets and slays Kalan in single combat.The remaining Blue flee, and Hampton is at last free.

Princess Rihann

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