Wasteland Campaign

Dancing in the Moonlight


Ketyl’s POV

As our group travels down the road, we see a dishevelled woman with a trapped raccoon run up to us. Apparently, Cheera knows her as Lyc. As we met up with the others, we told them about our curse. We rest for the night to get a fresh start.

Suddenly, Lyanna, Sol, and Grimaldi disappear in a flash of moonlight.

We went further into the crypt. Corbin insisted on us being under some painting to shield us from moonlight. As we went through a secret door, we saw a chest full of treasure. We debated over the morality of stealing from the crypt, but ultimately decided against it. As Corbin walked into the room, he sprung a trap, sending falling rocks crashing down on us. Most of us dodged out of the way, but Cheera had her leg trapped. We were then attacked by white corpses who claimed that they had been waiting to eat us.

After the fight, I felt overwhelmed with the need to steal. I grabbed the ring and the belt and put them on. I felt more comfortable and stronger. Clearly, I had the right idea.

At some point, Enna appeared in a flash of moonlight. I honestly don’t remember when, as I was a little zoned out.

As we go through a hallway, Dan is accosted by a spirit that he drags out of the water. To our surprise, the spirit stops attacking him and thanks him for helping.

We come into a dark room and keep falling off these narrow rails. We finally get across, though Dan unfortunately died and reappeared in the next room.

I found another secret room with a treasure chest underwater. I wanted to go in and get it, but Cheera convinced me to let her do it. As soon as she jumped in, she was attacked by some sort of sentient water creature. After a long battle, I was scolded for my greed.

Hypocrites, the lot of them. Willing to murder people over a slight, willing to steal from corpses and innkeepers who gave them rest. But taking spoils from a chest after we fight a battle for it is where we draw the line? Especially considering this is clearly a trial. Trapped rooms, puzzle rooms, saving a ghost, impossibly dark balancing acts?

I won’t talk about it more because it just makes me more upset.

We come back to a prayer room where we dance to honor Ashava. Against Corbin’s greatest efforts not to help, we manage to open the next doors with our dancing.

Suddenly, we came to a pair of doors with the words “Trial by Combat” above. As we pushed open the doors, what sort of foes would we face next?



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