Wasteland Campaign

Pursued by Owlbears

Ashava used to be human? And has a brother?


Ketyl’s POV

As we entered the room of the Trial by Combat, the door closed behind us. Classic. Korbin pulled a lever, spawning a bunch of gross things and a demonic gorilla.

After we took them out, we freed a large, angelic being who told us he was the brother of Ashava. He told us the story of Ashava and how she ascended to godhood. When we opened the tomb, we were given a note and some sort of compass that would lead us to some kind of thing that would allow us some payback against Moldark.

We met with a merchant who told us of a cleric who could cure our lycanthropy to the northeast. As we travelled by donkey cart, we were pursued by owlbears. We managed to avoid it for awhile, but it got stuck. Korbin jumped out to distract the owlbears while Cheera jumped out to get the cart unstuck.

Unfortunately, Korbin fell and was eaten by the owlbears as we escaped. And then, Korbin reappeared in the cart with us with an owlbear beak stuck in his shoulder. As we reached the cleric’s domain, we were cured of our lycanthropy. Praise Ashava for curing us of our affliction. We decided to spend the night to avoid more encounters with owl bears. I spent my time performing for the children.

Tomorrow, we’ll be on our way to the north, where the compass was pointing. The snowy tundra awaits us.



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