Wasteland Campaign

The Camp of the Frost Giants


Ketyl’s POV

I’m not going to lie, all these flashes of moonlight causing my party members to appear and reappear is getting really annoying. Some other bearded guy walked into the citadel we were staying at. Korbin seemed to know him as Kronk, so I guess he’s joining us? Apparently, he’s a druid.

As we headed out, we experienced some snow fall. One day passes without incident. Korbin set about making some strange contraption.

Another day passes without incident. We captured some gnome who was a slave to some giants who forced him to build something. We forced him to take us north. Apparently, Korbin created a cover for the wagon. I was actually rather impressed as I had thought Korbin reckless and perhaps a bit dim. I’d have to revise my idea of him to just reckless.

After some time on the third day, we saw a few camps and the compass pointed directly towards a cave on the hill where treasure was being held. We set up a plan where Grimaldi and I would sneak into the cave while Kronk would set a fire by the southwest camp as a distraction.

As we make our way to the hill, we see and hear an explosion coming from the southwest camp. So far, the plan is going off without a hitch. Now for Grimaldi’s insane plan. Wow, his plan was terrible, but somehow it still managed to work.

We still had to fight off some giants and their dogs, but I managed to slow them down with some overgrown plants. I quickly turned myself invisible to avoid being targeted. Suddenly, I saw Korbin pushing boulders down on one of the giant. Dan managed to make one’s head explode, I better keep an eye on him.

The others drew the enemies’ attention while Dan and I managed to make it into the cave. We saw this strange contraption among all the treasure. While I would have liked to sift through our spoils a little bit longer, we heard a hoard of frost giants approaching at high speed. A man opened the contraption and told us to hurry. Everybody managed to snag something before piling into the vehicle. I managed to snag some sweet studded leather and some kind of wondrous cloak.

The man pressed some buttons and we were suddenly taken away from the cave and I had no idea where we had gone. What was most obvious was the robe covered in what appeared to be swivelling, unblinking eyes. His skin had a strange metallic sheen and he had green hair and eyes. I recognized him from stories of the Silotown Saviors, but I couldn’t place which one he was.

He was clutching his side, a gash staining his hand and robe. He seemed rather confused, asking what had happened recently. We told him what had happened so far and he asked if we had met the Elder or Louis Arizona yet. Seeing our confusion, he cursed, saying that he’d altered events by telling us and now we had to encounter those threats. At this, I knew that my theory had been correct. Time travel shenanigans. If I played my cards right, this could be an even greater tale than Ziggy’s tale of the Silotown Saviors!

He told us that he would be taking somewhere in this contraption. Or rather… someWHEN. Is that the proper way to say that? Had we entered a time machine? What would happen next?

Uh-oh, I just realized we left Leeloo and the cart behind. Hope we can find her later.



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