Wasteland Campaign

The Saviors Separate


Wednesday Group 02/22/2017
In game date: 1/22-1/26

Shao Khan shows up to Silotown and proclaims the Wastes as part of the Levithian Empire with Gullycloak as the Warlord of the South. Orin is named as the Seer Supreme, in charge of protecting the empire from extraplanar threats. Various factions petition Gullycloak for help in quelling the threats to “their” territory.

Kipp and Meera go to Zorbon’s territory to retrieve Dak Brannigan’s airship to convert into a mobile Chez Kipp.

Varia becomes a casino baron in Gobvegas.

Roren stays in Silotown to manage his sex dungeon. Orin wanders the waste on various tasks for Gullycloak while doing research on the entities from the Dark Tapestry where the Blue King came from.

Gullycloak puts Iona in charge of diplomatic relations with Tarathel, the former land of the angels now taken over by devils. Iona meets with “King” David and declares war on Tarathel.

Gullycloak sends brigades of vampires to the Thunderclutch to spy and Tarathel to help Iona to take over. He also brings Luca back from the dead to help the dwarves fight off the red dragons. He sends more brigades of vampires and jetpacks from Orlaaz to help Boss Coal. Orlaaz rebuilds the Lightning transit system and Qohan is arrested for his war crimes.

Hatter joins Lord Baxter as his champion up in the clouds to live in luxury and to spread hats.

Lyra goes with Attenberg, the scholar, to either fix the Life Engine to only affect vegetation or to turn it off.

The Guardians of Lore are sent off with a brigade of vampires to track down Morael loyalists as well as Morael’s phylactery.

Gullycloak and Grimsbone murder a cleric of Ing and declares war on the Church of Ing. He also builds his own Ring Road system to facilitate travel around the Wastes.

Krotaro is with the Iron Monks. Dakota is still hunting down barbarians, and Orlaaz builds more inventions.

Gullycloak sends 5 battalions to the Inner Sea Kingdom to siege the capital to let them know we are not to be trifled with.

As far as everyone knows, Kreg disappeared after the battle. A few days later, Mowgli disappeared as well, with nobody knowing where he went. But his friends hope to see Kreg again one day.



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