Wasteland Campaign

The Werewolf's Curse


Ketyl’s POV

Grimaldi appeared and we filled him in on what happened. We began to head to the crypt. On the way, we came to the charming town of Lupinport. Ethel seemed to go off, probably to drink. I chose to replenish my coin purse, so I looked around for an easy mark. Found a guard whose attention seemed to be lax, lifted some gold and a silver arrow. Guess the warnings about lycanthropes weren’t for nothing.

Grimaldi and I make some money off the people as a group of sketchy-looking men start gathering around the exits. Dan starts performing his magic. Luckily, they move out the back door after Korbin talks to them.

The next morning, we met with the mayor. He was a douche, so I stole his stuff. Then we told some people that the mayor was attempting to leave people. May have started a riot, but that’s not important. We got some provisions from Goblin Gary at a steal, and we followed Korbin, Dan, and Lyanna out of town.

As we travelled down the road, we were ambushed by some werewolves. I cloaked them in some Faerie’s Fire and started cutting one with my silver dagger. Slowly, it became clear that we were being overwhelmed. I was used to being far from the front lines and I could feel the werewolf’s curse struggling to take over my mind. I’d have to get cured soon or I’d become a danger to those around me. As we finally took the rest of the werewolves down, we were exhausted. But we couldn’t stop, we had to catch up with the rest of our party so that we could rest and be cured of our ills.



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